so, i came across this article from a blog i follow, curious what your thoughts you like it? disagree? agree? repulsed? offended? what?...i'll weigh in after i have a few comments

Here, the bartender and God lend an ear


props to my daughter's team (The Swarm) that just won their 2nd game in a row coming from we (i'm one of the the coachs, so yes, "we") were down at one point by 5 goals - we came back to win 12-10 in an overtime win for the first game of the 2 and 3 on thursday

on the radar...

just wanted to pass along some blog posts from bloglines that have caught my attention...they're random...check 'em out...


that's about all i can!!!

42-30...for the record, i was pulling for the dogs all the way...really want to see them in the sec championship...

props to richt for firing his guys up...the 30 yard penalty at the open, should've been a 15...regardless, it was worth it...the nrg level was through the roof...and that was just in my house!

what really matters about church...MICE!?!?!?!?!

the following is a re-post from dr. george wood - the new general superintendent of the assemblies of God. this post is a letter written to 6 young leaders in the a/g...i love the fact that he intentionally sought out these 6 key leaders and thinkers in their movement to build relationship, start a conversation with them and plan for the future. it's re-posted from the future a/g on...(btw, i've bolded some key statements that resonated with me...that's my emphasis)

Tory, Brad, Mark, Jeff, Paul, and George!

What a great joy to have a day with you on Tuesday. I so appreciate the time and effort you spent. It was an enriching day for me, and I so appreciate all your wise counsel.

I only wish every young minister in the AG (and every older one too) could have been in the room with us, and maybe with the suggestions you've given me we can make that happen in cyberspace.

I want to repeat what I said to you about one of my favorite sayings. It's from Deng Xiaoping, chairman of China after Mao Zedong died. Deng instituted economic reform in capitalistic ways and incurred the ire of the Maoists. Deng Xiaoping responded by saying, "I don't care if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice!"

That's how I feel about how we do church. The New Testament itself shows us there are various kinds of churches. I'm not concerned about how we do "church" so long as we are "catching" people for Jesus. Issues of governance, service styles and times, formal or informal dress, types of buildings, days of worship -- are not the important issues. The important issues are: "Is the church seeing people come to Jesus, are they being filled with the Spirit, delivered, healed, restored?" We must, in the Assemblies of God be more concerned about end results than fussing with one another over means.

I appreciate the spiritual energy, creativity, and vitality that young pastors and ministers bring to our Movement, and I trust that in these days to come we can be yoked together in better ways to advance the mission of Jesus in our world!


George O. Wood
General Superintendent

guess where i'll be on jan. 13th?


...trailer is online! what i see...c.t.u. is gone...tony is back...

check it out...


they said it

Speaking to a conference at New Orleans Baptist Seminary, LifeWay Research head Ed Stetzer said: Comeback churches exhibited three common faith factors: a renewed belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church; a renewed attitude of servanthood; and a more strategic prayer effort.

"You can't love Jesus and hate His wife ... you know the church is the bride of Christ,"


  • what happened to the rockies?
  • went to zoo atlanta with my much fun. it rained most of the time we were there but it's the humans that have issues with the rain (btw, i'm very thankful for any rain we're getting right now)
  • last weekend i ran into 2 friends i hadn't seen in many years. one's a church planter whom i haven't seen for probably 3-4 years; the other, a former co-worker that i haven't seen for 14-15 years. here's what i noticed...they look so different (guess i do too)...
  • we're closing in on the grand opening of our new facilities: nurseries, preschool, hospitality room, cafe, more bathrooms (and all the women said "yeah!"), a lobby, and, oh yeah, a new sanctuary - it's really beginning to take shape and come together - pray that during this last homestretch of prep everything comes together
  • excited to see our kids christmas production this year - i'm hearing so many great things about how it's going
  • we got back from vacation and you know what? we were relaxed. we've been guilty in the past of trying to cram too much into the "down time" - we're learning! now we build in down days when we vacate together. usually at least three - the day we arrive, the day before we leave and a day in between - these days are spent just chilling, taking it easy...
  • really enjoying the role of assistant coach on the two soccer teams i'm working with...haven't decided if i'll take over next year or not. one coach wants me to go ahead and step up and lead the older team...just not sure...gotta pray about that one.
  • ready for spring training - miss the braves.
  • what will happen in jacksonville...and why does meyer want to keep the annual border-state showdown down there (duh!)? this much is for sure...tebow is a force to be reckoned with...awesome qb and he loves God
  • i have some blog posts that i've tagged to refer to from here - that'll come in another post...perhaps tomorrow

they said it

We don't need to fear power; we need to follow the example of Jesus. By doing so, we break the power of self-centeredness in our leadership. (Andy Stanley)

they said it

Learn to act your wage. The Bible teaches that a foolish man devours all he has. If you spend all of your income, you're a fool. (Dave Ramsey)

they said it

Society can be divided into seven spheres of influence. If you want to engage a society and shape it, you must take part in every sphere. The church has made a mistake of being involved in only one aspect of society-the spiritual arena, while abandoning the others like politics, economics and business, education, media and entertainment, and sports. (Pastor Sunday Adelaja)

woe unto e

we're having email problems again...if you're trying to touch base with me that way, please be patient...

they said it

It's embarrassing for me to tell you this, but I've done way too much ministry believing in God, but acting as if it was all up to me. (Craig Groeschel)


was reading through the prayer that Jesus prayed for His disciples this morning in john 17...verse 4 captured my attention, thought i'd share a nugget w/you...

"i brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do" (jn 17:4)...

i've read this countless times and just haven't seen what i saw this morning...

we all have an assignment...a ministry...a purpose...a "work" given to us...

and the deal's not about the "work"...

it's about the's about "that thing" God has called you to do, equipped you to do, enabled you to's really about...obedience...

it's also about completion...finishing the "thing"...the "work" God has called us to...and doing so in way that brings glory to God...not leaving it undone

time in the old city

so we got back late this afternoon from a much needed vacation to america's oldest city - st. augustine, fl.
i had visited many (MANY) years ago with my spanish 2 class (don't ask me to speak the language, i was senora garriga's favorite student, so i didn't do much). really cool to take my kids to the castillo de san marco, play a little put-put, stroll the streets of the old city, go to the beach and deal with red tide, take a tour on the red train, visit ripley's, eat at osteens (literally, the best fried shrimp i've ever had!!!), spent a day catching up with some family and friends down in central florida. one of the highlights was going flying with all of my family. we all got to sit in the pilots seat and do a little hand's on flying, checking out the space coast, flying over patrick air force base, seeing the VAB from the air...these are all things i've grown up around and had seen from land, but seeing my old middle school from the air as well as all of these other things really puts a new perspective on things. also got to tour the newest facilities for kld youth foundation - an organization that my cousin leads youth outreach for.

however, the best time was just spent not having an agenda, sleeping late, enjoying all of our meals together as a family, watching my kids play in the pool (there was another homeschool family that had taken the week off so they had someone to play pool volleyball with). building memories, making disciples, living life together - this was a great week!

understanding more about God through my kids

i had a conversation a few days with another dad...we were talking about how the time literally flies when you're a parent...
my son's 12, my daughter's forward through the time-span of her life (6 years) and in that time my son will be off to either college...or interning with a ministry somewhere...or whatever else God has planned for him. i've tucked my kids into bed the past couple of nights and walked out of their room and literally had the thought..."there's going to be a day when i can't tuck them into bed because they'll be gone"...yes, i've been moved to tears almost every time. i've got to admit...i love being a parent! i learn so much about our Father God through the process of growing as a father. here are a few things i've learned along the way:
  • in a crowd, i can hear my kid's voice, cry, concern, or whatever - God hears us
  • they can hear mine - we can hear God's voice
  • my love is always growing and my affection for my entire family is always deepening - God's love is never ceasing
  • my actions toward them speak much more loudly than my words - He gave His Son - the greatest action of all
  • i use my words everyday to tell my children 2 important things: 1.) i love them; 2.) i'm proud of them for __________ (i find a specific reason each day to be proud of my kids) - i think God does the same - do we hear Him tell us He's proud of us and He loves us?
  • they know without a doubt i love their mom - my bride - and i'll do anything to protect her and reassure her of my love - God does this also - He's jealous for His Bride - the Church - and he'll protect her and reassure her of that love
all of these things recently have just been placed back in my thoughts or brought to my attention in a fresh and new way - it's been a great reminder.

they said it

"Stop copying what everyone else is doing. Start listening to the Spirit of God in your own life. Seek what God is saying to you. He put something in you that he didn't put into anybody else. Be compelled by the Spirit, deo pneuma." (Craig Goreschel @ The Leadership Forum - 2007

late nite download

  • tbs minus the braves just doesn't seem right!
  • i'm watching the rockies and padres and no one wants to win...they've played 162 regular season games and ended up they're tied in the bottom of the 11th...i think they should both sit down and let atlanta take their place
  • i found myself pulling for auburn to upset florida - yes, i need prayer! i'm a gator fan, but i really want to see the dawgs have a shot at the sec title game (just the game, don't think they can beat lsu) - perhaps i've been in georgia too long! plus, if they play in the sec championship game that means "the head ball coach" won't be playing and him being shut up is always a good thing!
  • i'm enjoying being an assistant coach in soccer - not nearly as stressful for me and i still get to teach soccer to kids
  • update: 2 out, man on 2nd, rockies with RISP
  • important stuff: there've been a bunch of people asking Jesus into their lives at church - God is up to something!
  • 2 kids asked Jesus into their lives in kid's church; 4 rededicated their lives - our God is way cool!
  • i've eliminated about 30 blogs i follow - just got to be too much and people weren't speaking into my life - they were updating me on their families (kinda like i'm doing...) - anyway, a little less weight to carry
  • congrats to pastor anthony and jessi on the birth of baby bauer - they call him jack, i call him bauer!
  • the atl football team got a W - way to go maybe they won't have to give away tickets to get people to the dome
  • my hard drive crashed on our laptop at home - pray for resurrection...please...
  • if you think of it on tuesday, please pray for my grandmother who's having knee replacement surgery
  • dawgs sounded dominate on sunday...
  • update - now headed to the 12th one wants to win and i'm going to bed soon