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been a week since i created a post...sorry to all of those that have asked why i haven't blogged lately - i've gotten out of the blogging rhythm and will try to do better in the coming days. in fact, i had about 8 other posts from others that i had flagged to reference on an upcoming post - i got tired of looking at them, so this is all just, here's what's going on...

blogging by bullets:
  • braves are looking hopeless at this point in the season - it'll be a miracle if they make it to the playoffs (yes, i believe in miracles!)
  • dawgs, in retrospect, didn't play as poorly as they looked. after i looked at the stats today, they really stood a chance at several points in the game to be back in it - coach richt said it was a game of "missed opportunities"
  • on that note, missed opportunities, life can be full of them! our speaker was talking about how our walk with Christ is not a 'day-by-day' thing, it's not an 'hour-by-hour' thing - IT IS a 'moment-by-moment' thing - good stuff! i've spent some time thinking today about that statement and the missed opportunities - i want to be a person who is 'led by the Spirit' - who doesn't miss the opportunities, who realizes relationship with Christ and others for that matter, is a moment-by-moment journey!
  • today was an aweseome day at cotn - our attendance is on an upswing, more importantly, i believe the last 3 Sundays we've seen someone come to receive Christ in their life! i really feel like our worship and praise has been taken to a new level the last few weeks - the people seem hungry to receive from God - our pastor is placing more emphasis on the harvest than i have ever heard or seen him do in the past - great things are happening - truly, i believe this statement - the best is yet to come!
  • the myers girls can flat sing! loved the whole service!
  • i think i've gone a full week without hearing about the whole vick thing - for that, i'm thankful!
  • alyssa had her first game yesterday - they didn't exactly win, but the kids played well for the most part - i love coaching and am involved with both of our kids soccer teams in an assistant role
  • the a/v stuff is going up in the new facilities and it just looks like it'll rock - don't know if it will but it sure looks cool - as a guy, heck yea, i'm impressed!
  • both josh and patrice were sick on friday which caused me and josh to miss a MUCH anticipated trip to charleston - i owe it to him and will make it up to him at some point. sounds like our rangers and parents had a great trip. josh and patrice are better now - thank you God!
  • was going through some things a couple of weeks ago and read this statement - (my paraphrase)..."there are two things that can hold someone back that's leading from the 2nd position: 1.) it's not the leader above us, it's the spirit within us; 2.) i can't remember :) - all that said, i've been asking myself the question, am i holding me back?

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Rachel said...

Glad your blogging again. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ponderings!