sunday night download

it's been over a week and a lot has happened so let me recap in no certain order several things:
  • the dawgs won today (well, yesterday, but i just watched my tivo version today after church) - way to go dawgs - nothing like two victories in a weekend.
  • the braves are blowing it - being swept by the mets - not good! hate to say it, but i think it's over with for them this year.
  • spent a couple days with my sis and the new niece - so great to see maddie (or is it maddy, mad-E, mady, etc.) great to hold her and when she starts crying give her back - which wasn't much thankfully...she knows a good uncle when she meets one
  • the gators won - way to go - yes, i can pull for this...
  • tech won - really, i'm only glad because i don't like notre dame, now if someone would beat usc
  • ian brought a great word today - this is stuff i've been hearing for over a couple months, glad our church got to hear it today - great job ian!
  • rachel and the worship team rocked it today - great job
  • our pastor is in india - keep praying for him
  • i turn 40 this week - hmmmmmm, does this mean i'm getting old (just so you know, i'm blocking all comments on this post)
  • best buy sent me a b-day card. how did they know...yes, best buy, s'bux and barnes and noble could quite possible be 3 of the greatest places on earth
  • 35 people got saved in middle school here in jefferson on friday!
  • the church ministries conference a couple of weeks ago was awesome - still pondering some of the things i learned.
  • i have vacation in a few weeks...and as of right now, no plans...better get on that!
  • my wife is incredible and i love her more than ever!
  • i'm off tomorrow - i like that!
  • that's all and good night...

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Unknown said...

So you tell us your turning 40 then tell us you 3 favorite places on earth. Is that a hint for birthday gifts? :) I know it's a tough year for you so I'll just say "Happy Birthday Friend!".