learn, message, systems, criticism, rock and roll, vomit and 'nice'

man, there's been a bunch of really good posts from a variety of people on a variety of topics...i'll share some of those in a moment. but first...

i heard something this week that totally related to why i read blogs and learn from others...imagine, if joshua could have woke up every morning and spent just a few minutes with moses...picking his brain...finding out what he was thinking(like here!)...asking for his wisdom(such as is demonstrated here!)...asking for correction...seeking council - well, with the advent of the blogosphere, we have that opportunity - no, not literally reading moses' blog (or joshua's), but there are some great leaders in the body of Christ that are downloading what they're learning, how they're leading, what they're going through, they are challenging, they are rebuking in some cases, they are sharing, they are being real - they are being relevant! btw, furtick is the one who shared this concept in one of his blogs which is one that i really enjoy reading and learning from - face it - the dude is in his late 20's and he's leading a church of over 2000 people that's less than 2 years old - there's got to be something that i can learn from him - so i do! do i agree with it all? heck no! do i want to adapt it all? don't be ridiculous! does it take a little time? of course! is it worth it? priceless!

so, here are some blog posts that caught my eye this week...
  • there's a conference that takes place annually called MinistryCom - don't have any real desire to go, especially when much of the content is posted on blogs such as this one and this one
  • here's a thoughtful one by franquiz...really, have never thought about this much, but gotta say i agree with a lot of this - sermons and systems - check it out
  • when your're in any position of leadership (it does not matter...parent, ceo, team leader, coach, team mom, room mom, sunday school teacher, cfo, board member, deacon, manager, etc.) you'll face criticism - here are two great posts on this topic - both were posted on the same day, several days ago - one's a short quote, one a bible story parallel
  • here's a series of posts from vince that deal with having God's heart for people...don't take that statement lightly - question: why does the church exist? - here's a's not for the Christians! really well thought out and articulated posts...'are you willing to sacrifice?'...'lost'...'can you imagine'...'the wind resistance of vomit' (this guy is a new-to-me blogger but has some incredible things to say - add him to your reader or bloglines - also, be sure to read all of his posts ALL THE WAY through - you'll be challenged!)
  • for some humor, check out this post about the first church of rock and roll airheads - btw, if we're focused on calling our brothers and sisters (in Christ) names such as r-n-r airheads, we need to go back have some vomit sprayed our way (i told you, check out vince's post to better understand!) - there are lots of comments on this post so if you have time, check them out too.
  • ok, here's one last one that is graphic and controversial - consider yourself WARNED! - controversial mainly because the church has avoided almost entirely the subject of sex - but, if you're going to read it, read it all, it's really about more than just sex - once you get to the last paragraph - let me know if you agree - it's time to stop being 'nice' - 'nice' is over!


Eric Wright said...


Thanks for the link and your comment on my blog.

I noticed you have links to COTN bloggers...does that mean Church of the Nazarene?

Have a great day.

Unknown said...

There's some really great stuff in these posts.A lot to process (yes, I used your word). I love that these people are keeping it real. It's what the church today needs in order to truly move forward and get free!