innovate 07

there are some great posts being written coming out of the innovate conference up at granger...i visited granger right after coming on staff @ cotn (not this event, another training event) and i've got to tell you...these guys (and ladies) are getting it right. now, not everything they do will fit every culture of every church, but there's a ton of simple, practical teaching here that we can all learn are some recaps that i've come across: (most of these recaps are from daveferguson)

mark waltz gives 5 simple ways to drive guests away: (in a nutshell)
  1. make guest services just one more church program (must be in the DNA)
  2. make it all about your church members (must target newcomers - intentionality!)
  3. make sure that everyone follows the rules (the main rule is the golden rule)
  4. take any willing person on your team (not everyone is wired to be on your team, they belong elsewhere)
  5. assume your team members 'get it' ( the point!)
check out dave's recap here

rob wenger taught about making your message sticky - read about it here

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