this is what i heard...


listening to the pastor from this church this bullet form, here are some thoughts:
  • joseph shared his dreams with his brothers - not a good thing - they hated him more
  • joseph shared his dreams with his father - again, not a good thing - his father rebuked him
  • those that were closest to him, were those that rebuked him and hated him
  • when God gives a dream, be cautious who you share it with
  • warfare comes not because of who you are, it's because of the dream inside of you
  • his brothers created conditions around him to blind him to what was inside of him - they threw him in a pit
  • conflict comes to try and destroy the dream inside
  • the dream doesn't concern your present, it concerns your future - we focus on the circumstances of the present and become distracted from the future
  • the brothers then wanted to convince the dad that joseph was dead
  • their goal was to remove him from the portion of his inheritance - not only were they trying to kill the dream, now they were trying to kill the man (in his father's eyes)
  • when trouble comes it's purpose is to get you to doubt who you are - not what you do - who you are!
this is what i heard...rick, the dreams are the focus! forget the attacks, forget the frustration, forget the past - focus on the dream and press forward.


Rachel said...

It's so easy to focus on the warfare when the attacks are so strong. But I know the dream is stronger. Coming out of my car wreck as well as I did reminds me of God's protection on and destiny for my life. The dream is big.
"warfare comes not because of who you are, it's because of the dream inside of you" ... That's powerful

Todd said...

We all have dream fuelers and dream duelers in our lives unfortunatley they are often family. I have become very cautious if and who I share my dreams with, especially when it concerns Godly,spiritual things. I want to encourage you, your strength are your dreams and ideas and I beleive that cotn is a better place when you are allowing yourself to think out side the church box and be creative. I want to encourage you with this comment so please receive it that way. Todd