liberation athens

below is a post from facebook for all that are participating in Liberation Athens...don't forget! Friday, 8pm corner of Washington and College in downtown athens. my final word: EXPECT!

Grace and peace to you all in the Name of Christ!

As we all continue to prepare for our meeting together this Friday night, our total focus is on our Lord Jesus Christ. For we claim to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified! He IS our life! We are not meeting to hear a famous band play, or even a famous speaker or preacher, we are gathering AS ONE to meet with our God and King. It is our earnest desire for the Lamb of God to receive the reward of His suffering. Beloved, this is just the beginning of what God is doing in our midst. He is at work and our expectation is in Him. We know that this is not just an "event" or another activity to be a part of. We believe He is at work and His people are being moved by His mighty right hand. We know that His work first begins in His people.

We praise Him for all of His children that He has used over these many years. We are grateful for His grace and mercy that we live in such a time as this. As we continue to seek His face, long for His Kingdom, plead for His mercy, obey His commandments by the power of His Holy Spirit, confess and repent of our sin, God will surely revive us. We know that when He is at work and we join Him, everything changes. Come to Athens Lord Jesus! Come and cleanse Your Church! Raise her up to boldly proclaim Your Gospel. Come and redeem Your city!

We also want to communicate some logistics:

1) Please be on time. In fact, be early! Park in the deck to save time and gas!

2) Bring camping chairs to sit in.

3) Please come expecting God to move-being flexible to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

4) Remember we need to be careful to honor our authorities and obey all laws.

5) Come in a spirit of prayer, expecting, waiting and listening!

Liberation Athens

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