interesting stats

was doing a little research for the 30606 zip code where our church is located's what i found out:
  • 66% of our population is between the ages of 6-46
  • 6% of our population is 6 and under
  • that means that a full 72% of the people in our demographic zip code are under the age of 46 - that's a large percentage (it's roughly 6% higher than the US average)
  • approximately 37% of household have NO 'faith involvement'
  • the average age in 30606 is: 36.3
  • 34% of household are single parents
  • the hispanic/latino ethnic group is projected to grow at almost 21% over the next 5 years
  • millennials are the largest generational segment at 34% (born b/w 1981-2001)
interesting stuff (at least to me) - so, what are the implications of these numbers as they relate to cotn?
off the top of my head, i see several:
  • ministry to single parents is needed now more than ever
  • ministry to the hispanic/latino ethinic group is needed more than ever
  • 40% (almost HALF!) are under the age of 25 (add the millennials to those under the age of 6 - 'Generation Z') - thats a lot of children, youth and college/young adult ministry opportunity!
  • we need more churches - it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of pePublish Postople (Christian of course is what i'm referring to) - i don't have the stats to prove this, but i believe it'd be safe to say that if everyone showed up for church on a sunday morning, we'd run out of room (speaking of all the churches)
keep in mind that this reflect only the 30606 zip code - it'd take all day to run the number on all the zips that we reach - but what this points out is some simple facts for those close to us - what do you implications do you see for these numbers?


Unknown said...

Wow, interesting stats for sure. We need to connect with the single parents and their children. I've often wondered why our church doesn't have a "good" (for lack of a better term" representation of the Hispanic/Latino nation. Obviously they are in our zipcode... but not in out church...or are they there and I'm not aware of it?

Todd said...

Here is the statistic that I read somewhere some years ago, if every person got up on Sunday morning and decided to go to church there would only be room for 20% of the population. Many people say why are they opening another church but in fact we need more chruches and more ministers and really churches need to reach out to every aspect of there community. This tells me that cotn needs to put a focus on young adults, not just middle schoolers or high schoolers but 19 to 30 year olds. Is there any ministry at all going on at cotn right now to reach that group???