the five dysfunctions of a team

just finished reading the book by the above title...excellent read...below is my recap and key-takeaways from it...
  • this book is a leadership fable - it's about 85% fictitious story with characters and a storyline that seem real. the author (patrick lencioni) has surely encountered almost every character in real life and every 'conversation' and 'situation' as well in real life. this is a business book. content warning: patrick is a Christ-follower and has spoken in numerous leadership and Christian conferences (including this year at catalyst) - however, this is a business fable so there's a some language in the text. as for credentials, patrick has consulted and trained thousands of senior level executives - the fable flows from countless hours of consultation and observation
  • the story is easy to follow. the chapters are short so it's real easy to pick up with a couple minutes here or there and knock a chapter down. it took me about 6 days to read this and maybe a total of 2 hours - most of my read time was 10 minutes here or there. the characters (fictitious) are easy to understand and you're sure to see yourself and your teammates in some dimension.
  • here are the 5 dysfunctions in order....i won't go into detail about what each is - go buy the book - it's an easy read and it will help any person involved in a team setting (denominational; secular; educational; ministry; coaching; leadership; business; non-profit; volunteer)
  1. Absence of Trust
  2. Fear of Conflict
  3. Lack of Commitment
  4. Avoidance of Accountability
  5. Inattention to Results
  • each of the above correlates with the others in a model...the foundation of the model (a pyramid model) is the first one
  • viewed another way...each of the words that i placed in bold text above are ESSENTIAL to the healthy functioning of a team
  • finally, the website for patrick lists some add'l resources such as a webinar

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