dropout, easy mac, social justice and 'hell' in SC

i posted a couple of links in the last week or so to and have gotten a lot of feedback regarding it - seems that some of what he says resonates with some, not so much with, as long as the controversy train is going, and i'm really enjoying reading and re-reading some challenging posts, i thought i'd link some others that are 'on my radar'

here's the deal, one of the reasons i love the blogosphere is because it challenges me - if you look at my blogroll, you'll see that i read a variety of posts (marketing, tech, business, leadership, organization, pastors, church planters, children's ministry, friends) - the posts that i love the most are those that challenge me and those that share what God is doing in people's lives. so, as you click through and visit the following posts, realize that i'm not posting them for the sake of controversy, rather for the sake of confrontation. controversy, in my opinion, is no more than dueling opinions with no end in sight - confrontation is face-to-face; it's a challenge to the 'norm'; it's an unsettling of the routine for the sake of examination and POSSIBLE change - enjoy

  • 'hello, my name is church-dropout-guy and i'm coming to your church tomorrow' - is another in the series of posts by foster that looks at what it feels like for a guest to attend church - realize, please, that not all of these statements apply - he ministers in nashville which has a very different vibe than your city (probably) - that being said, i really like this statement: "Bottom line: give me hope, the hope that comes from the gospel’s good news about God’s lavish grace. Help me to understand it. It’s my shallow understanding after my conversion that’s kept me a child in my faith. This time around, help me go deeper, but make it simple. I get confused easily."
  • futrick knocks another one out of the park - caution: this will challenge many people - i like this statement: "You know, I don’t mind helping my 2 year old eat his Easy Mac. But if he can’t pick up a fork and bring the food to his mouth by age 20, we have a problem." - you gotta read the rest
  • travis does a great job of putting the issue of social justice in a nutshell for the church (great post travis). i like this statement: "How can we indulge in our portion without even giving a thought to the oppressed around the world and in our neighborhoods?" also, head over to ncc and check out what they're doing to address this and put it on the radar for their congregation - great idea!
  • perry's church had a 'hell' of a sunday - so great to see anderson, sc, reached for Christ and the creativity with which newspring is reaching out with - way to go newspringers! 110 people saved! ENOUGH SAID!


Meredith said...

(Re: Social Justice) have you read The Revolution yet?

Debbie C. said...

Yep, challenging alright. I loved Futricks comments on "not getting fed". Do you remember last year when Pastor Mel said something similar from the pulpit about people's excuses about not getting fed? He said something to the effect of "well, you're getting fed, it's just that some of you don't like the menu." I loved it! So very true. Thanks for the read.

Rick Womack said...

meredith - haven't read it, picked it up a couple of times and scanned through it - looks interesting!
debbie - i do remember that sermon - what a great statement pastor shared at the time