under the knife

i'm amazed at how many leaders there are that are not readers!

let me say this, leaders are readers!

in order to sharpen your leadership skills and become more effective, you must, and i mean must, be a reader. and, that reading must be in a variety of genres (mine recently include: spiritual disciplines, church growth, evangelism, leadership, fiction, business, spiritual warfare, worship) - i cross-read, just as an athlete would cross-train so that i can become better at whatever i do or whatever God calls me to do!

again, leaders are readers!

reading a book is like going under the presents the opportunity for someone else to 'open you up' so that change can be brought about in your life. you have to read things you don't agree with in order to be stretched and gain understanding. you have to go 'under the knife' so that someone else's words can be planted into your being, then you process them, look for truth and application, and become better at your purpose.

again, leaders are readers!

and that reading must begin and be maintained with a steady diet of God's Word - the Bible! unless you're allowing God's truth to cut you open like a knife, then you're exposing yourself to other voices that haven't been filtered through His Voice first.

again, leaders are readers!

what's on your nightstand to read next? i'd love to hear from you...


Anonymous said...

In process of reading "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller, "Obsessed" by Dekker, and "Facing Your Giants" by Lucado.

Debbie C. said...

Skin by Ted Dekker and Melvin and I are both reading, Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley (excellent book). Thanks for the encouragement.

Jeff Smith said...

man, I've go so many right now that are screaming to be read...

Leading From The Second Chair - Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson (almost finished)

Falling for God - Gary Moon (yes the IPHC guy AND he signed my book!)

Simple Church

In The Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day - Mark Batterson

At my mentor meeting (all asso. pastors) I was giving a book list of ideas. They all look good...

Thriving Churches in the 21 centure
Finding them, Keeping them
Beyond the first visit
Staff Your Church for Growth
- all by Gary McIntosh

Membership Matters - Charles Lawless
First Impressions - Mark Waltz

OK - now for some TV time :-)