things on the horizon...

perspective is really everything!

kind of been in what i call a 'funk' - thankfully, i have a few people that are close enough to me to be able to discern these times and they're there to encourage and pray for me - you know who you are - thanks.

as i sat to write tonight's post, the word 'horizon' popped in my mind...that's a Holy Spirit thing! horizon is a word of optimism and hope...a word of future, a word of progress. the Holy Spirit's been teaching me a couple of they are: 1.) trust your gut...i know may not sound too 'spiritual' but when you seek to 'walk in the Spirit' as the Word encourages us to do, then your 'gut' can become a place where God speaks to you...i'm learning this...i'm also encouraging others...for instance, i believe there's something valid to 'women's intuition' i think it's called discernment...i'm learning to trust my wife's intuition (sounds better than saying gut!); 2.) i'm learning to look to the horizon of God (that'd be God's horizon, his future, his plan, Him!) - what's that mean? real simple...i don't have to know evreything - i can't! if i knew all of God's plan, i'd be blown away. i know some of what God has spoken to me regarding this year and i don't honestly understand it all...good news...i don't have to! i just look to the horizon to see what God's going to do next! fact of the matter is we try to look "OVER" the horizon...we want to see it all, know it all, plan it all - we'll blow it if we do though!...just look to Him.

so, what's on the horizon? what do i see right now? i'd love to share a few of them...later!

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Anonymous said...

Okay. So I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been in a "funk" lately. With spiritual and emotional stuff. But thankgs for posting this blog. It really helps me to look at it in a different light. I guess you've once again earned your title as "best bro-in-law ever!" And here's ONE more exclamation point for you! Love you!!!!!!