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  • first, want to say we had an amazing service was really incredible the way God moved in and took over...gotta say, i knew with a large group coming back from the call last week we had have some added fervor - it was beyond my imagination. God dealt with at least me and about a dozen other people at the altar for an extended time (actually, God was already dealing with me) - in a nutshell, here it is: God told me at the beginning of last year to simplify my life. this past weekend i spent several hours cleaning out old stuff (remember that 'important' high school stuff? yea, you don't need it any more...high school is over!), in various areas of my life, i've been trying to simplify...God dealt with me this morning, he told me to stop letting things crowd Him out. He gave me a visual reminder of when i returned from phoenix back in february and my wife was awaiting us at the ATL (ian had lost his keys and we had to have another set) - anyway, from a distance i saw her, the crowd was everywhere...between us, i was with good friends, (P.I. and P.A.), but i wanted to be with my best friend (Patrice)...i had to get to her to greet her after being gone a few days, but the crowd was in the way. that's what God showed me, then said, He's trying to get to me, but there's too much crowding Him out. just gotta be honest here, He dealt with me while i was at the altar!
  • ok, that was the MAJOR highlight of the day, here are some others: had family game night tonight - i love being with my kids and my wife! we played life . Also, last night was date wife and son went on a date (olive garden and groovy golf) my daughter and i went on a date (la cazuala, botanical gardens and b&n) time is great!
  • these bloggers have a lot to say...check 'em out:
  1. mark batterson deals with the issue of service disruptions ...great wisdom and i love the fact that they didn't try to hide it, etc - they just dealt with it!
  2. here's a great book for pastors regarding web 2.0 (f you don't know what web 2.0 is check out this article or this article) - here's the link for the pdf
  3. elevation has a great 3-part series on assimilation: here, here and here these are some of the best articles i've seen from from this site!
  4. free media resources can be found here
  • worship was great today - the team did a great job
  • i'm thankful for our church and the fact that God is using us - we want and need to be open at all times to the move of the Spirit
  • i really like my blackberry curve - i'm going on two weeks now and can honestly say there's nothing about it that i don't like! this is an amazing phone!
  • the braves are kicking but & i'm loving it! still gotta shore up the rotation i think, but the bats, the speed, the defense and the offensive production are up there...
  • about 50+/- days left until opening kick off for the dawgs!
  • put a memory foam on our bed and i'm sleeping like a baby!
  • i'm reading more than ever really learning a lot!

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