one of the best things you'll listen to

i'm on my second 'go-round' of listening to this message about innovation by craig groeshcel - gotta say, EVERY - EVERY - EVERY leader needs to listen to this and be encouraged - you'll be challenged, but it'll encourage you as well. i love craig's formula:

limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation!

think, acts chapter 3...peter and john making their way through the city, they come upon a crippled man asking for money...peter says, "don't have any silver or gold, sorry" (that's limited resources), then he says, "what i do have, i give it to you - get up and walk!" (that's increasing passion) - he then stretched out his hand and and offered for him to get up and walk! (that's innovation!).

i sometimes find myself trying to figure out how to do something then get frustrated because i don't have the resources...that's just stinkin' wrong! i (and you...) have got to stop letting our limited resources become the limiting factor for us. let me say that again in a different way...our limited resources need not become the end of a's our increasing passion that pushes us over the top to innovate...

what do you think, would love to hear your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

That is a good word! Thanks for the encouaragement.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post a comment that is more to clarify what you said than anything because I agree with you but I feel it is important to make an important point more clear.

I too get frustrated when I feel I can't do something, and God has been showing me that I rely on my own abilities too much. Whether or not I have the resources or abilities, I need to go to God FIRST. All too often we go to God as a last resort, and that is what I want to relate to your comments.

To me, when Peter healed the crippled man - yes he was our of physical resources for sure. The man was asking for money and Peter had none to Give. But the man needed more than money, he needed the ability to make a living - to be healed. So when Peter gave him what he could give, He was tapping into GOD'S UNLIMITED RESOURCES.

Therefore there never really was a lack of resources. Peter went to God, and God saw the real need and provided for it. When you call that increased passion, I think you are saying what I am saying, and that is to Go to God. The more we turn to God for direction, provision, etc, the more we love Him and trust Him (increased passion).

It was important to me to clarify that point because I am all to guilty of not going to God first, and then it becomes all about me rather than all about God.

Rick Womack said...

thanks debbie for the clarification...very well stated!

Anonymous said...

I like this one liner that I think kind of sums it up for me,

Dont let what you can't do get in the way of what you can do!!!

With that attitude we can do anything!! Great blog friend!!!