now you know, the 'rest' of the story

had a book suggested to me recently titled, "The Rest of God" - the basic premise, so far as i can tell only 1 chapter in, is that the 'rest' of God (i.e., sabbatical) is 2 fold: it's physical and it's mental. physically speaking, the 'rest' of God comes in the form of what we ideally call our sabbath - that can be sunday, wednesday, whatever (for those in the ministry, it's certainly not sunday!). mentally speaking, the 'rest' of God comes in form of dis-engaging from our hectic-paced lifestyle.

thus far, this is the one key take-away for me - when we observe and embrace the 'rest of God' (sabbath) then we get the rest of God - that is His personality, His outlook, His view for our lives.

pick it up, great read, incredibly well written - think, like lucado - and very convicting...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good one. I'll have to add it to my ever growing stack of books.