nonreligious guy and never coming back

just added this guy to my blogroll and i really dig his blog - anyway, he's written a couple lately that should cause us to stop and think about what we do, how we do and why we do...some of the things we do!
hello, my name is nonreligious guy
16 reasons i'll never come back to your church
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Debbie C. said...

Wow, this guy's site is really cool, very colorful. I also loved his comments on 16 reasons I'm not coming back to your church. I would honestly have to say that I don't think any of those apply to COTN. Do you agree or disagree?

Rick Womack said...

let me just say that i know we're not perfect and never will be - i think sites/posts like this challenge us to really evaluate everything we do as it relates to a guest - that's the reason i referenced it. specifically, there are some that either have applied or sometimes do apply - so a categorical 'agree' or 'disagree' is out of the question - again, we sometimes 'miss the mark' when it comes to the guest's experience - key word: sometimes! i think, more often than not, though, we're on target...i like this final statement in foster's post - "truth of the matter is, people connect to us long before they connect to God. They connect to the people in the community before they connect to Christ." i think sometimes we just want to 'point' people to Him, without really trying to 'connect' with them first - fact is, He's there! thanks for your comment debbie - i appreciate you and your family.

Elaine said...

Hey Rick! I read some of your blog the other day and I've been pondering this entry. Regarding number 12, once I went to a church as a visitor and the pastor was upset that Sunday because he'd finally had it with so many people coming in late. He said a few words about it, but I was there with a family that came in late. Now when I remember this I think it is funny because I really love visiting that church now. I'm not even sure I was bothered by his comments then, maybe it was a little awkward. That would seal the deal for some folks though. In my experience that is the only time I ever heard him say anything like that, maybe he was in a grumpy mood that day. Or maybe he really thinks it is important to be on time to church.
Anyway, I really think this list is a good general list accross the board.
I agree that our church is on target most of the time according to David Foster.
It is impossible to please everyone. This is why I'm beginning to think it is good that there is so much variety among churches and denominations. It only gets annoying when people start thinking that their church is better than someone elses because of something like the style of music played or a difference of opinion regarding a nonessential doctrine.
I wonder if it may better to try to help people find a church that is suited to their personalities than to try to make one church please everyone.
Though I'm not opposed to trying to make one church please everyone some of the time, knowing that we can't do it all of the time. I think I would like our church to do a few things occasionally that would make it more enjoyable for me some of the time and the other folks who like it differently some of the time. Or maybe I should find a different place to go where I may enjoy the services more and nothing has to change to please me. What do you think about that situation?
Ha ha, but this blog was about visitors, not old timers...sorry to get off topic, but I still want to know what you think.

Rick Womack said...

just a quick response (because if i'm going to allow comments, i need to be respectful of the 'comment-er' and reply if one's necessary) - so, in a nutshell...i think it's a good list just to reflect on and allow us some 'measuring sticks' to evaluate against at times. i also think we need lots of churches because it takes lots of different churches to reach lots of different people. i also believe that there are 'ways' of doing church (being church) that we have yet to discover...i'll save that for another day though...thanks for the comments.