lit up!

for the record, i now have a severe disdain for flying, stinger-boring, insects called wasps...while out doing yard work today, i was lit up by a small army of them (ok, i don't really know how many there were) - i ran away as fast as i could with 3 stings on my legs - ouch! for the record, i'm pretty tough and deal with pain, i feel, better than most because i typically choose not to focus on the pain - but, MAN, this freakin' hurts! i can't stop thinking about them, i've od'd on benadryl, tylenol, ibuprofen, various creams that take away: pain, sting, itchiness, etc - all to no avail - this has brought a grown man to his weakest point in a long last thing to try: mexican food for supper...i'll let you know if it works!


Jeff Smith said...

here is want you do...

1. scratch the "stings" up real good, scratch them as hard as you can, maybe use steelwool or something

2. pour rubbing alcohol all over the sores

3 jump around like crazy, want to curse me, smack stuff, smack yourself

4 now, when the pain from the rubbing alcohol goes away, the stings won't feel so bad

love you buddy

Rick Womack said...

parts of #3 were actually the result of the attack on rick...i won't say which parts :)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Jeff's comments made me laugh, I hope you took his advice and Patrice filmed it I need a good laugh!!!