no, it's not the iPhone, i haven't consumed the apple kool-aid...

however, it IS the new blackberry curve and i gotta say, it's sweeeeeeeeeeetttt!!!

here's why i really like this phone:
  1. cheaper than the iPhone
  2. media capable with a microSD card slot (gotta buy one, but i understand there's 4 Gig card coming out which makes it the equivalent in terms of memory of the 4 gig iPhone)
  3. full qwerty keyboard - i like typing qwerty, only time i can use that word
  4. nice fit in my hand and pocket
  5. GREAT call quality
  6. great speakerphone
  7. camera that's good enough for 4x6 prints - pretty good for a cell camera
  8. feels like a quality phone, doesn't feel like a plastic phone
  9. contacts and calendar in one location
  10. email is a bonus
  11. great looking screen
  12. EDGE data is better than GPRS data
iNewPhone is cool

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Jeff Smith said...

ummmmm, apple kool-aid.

Cool deal Rick. Do you have to pay extra (more than a regular cellphone plan) to have the internet features (email, etc) on the phone. I'll be getting a new phone as soon as I can find time to go to our cell store.