that's the sound that Christ brings as He has come to bring FREEDOM (hear that with a loud, victorious voice)...

spent some time today with about 30 other intercessors (btw, i don't consider myself an intercessor - just a pray-er) as they repented, cried out to God, and sought Him in unity. there's a movement that's growing to see athens 'won for Christ' - i believe this city is ripe for revival! i believe God wants to and longs to pour out His Spirit in this community! i believe God wants the Church to walk in power, victory and confidence! i believe we're going to see it happen!

so, what does this mean for me?
  1. i have to remain and maintain a life of purity - when i rec'd Christ, it was into my life - all of me
  2. i have to maintain an attitude of humility - this is a daily battle for a lot of people, me included
  3. i have to expect God to do it - it's up to Him, i'm just a vessle
  4. i have to expect that God's radical transforming power is going to forever change the landscape of: church, family, ministries, people, people, people...did i mention people?
  5. i have to continue to be a pray-er
  6. i have to realize i'm a carrier of the image of Christ...
  7. i have to worship Him
  8. i have to simplify my life continually
  9. i have to realize that He uses me and you
  10. i have to expect freedom
  11. i have to realize that No ONE is too far 'gone'
  12. i have to embrace God's move and NOT control it - or even try!
  13. i have to give like never before
  14. i have to lead like never before
  15. i have to die to self like never before
  16. i have to serve like never before
  17. i have to expect like never before
  18. i have to pay attention like never before
  19. i have to step up to the plate on every opportunity like never before
  20. i have to realize i'm a work in progress
i challenge you with everything within me to be at "Liberate Athens" on august 3rd - more details later...

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Unknown said...

I'll be there! A group of ladies is meeting on Monday nights to pray and unite as a prayer group before the event. It's been powerful! I expect GREAT things!