baboon's butts, facebook, elevators, webkins and change

by far, that's the longest title for a post that i've created...anyway, here are some blog posts that i've been reading and re-reading...lots of randomness here...enjoy and click through to read them.
  • batterson shares a theology of laughter that's great - i like this statement, "I think we grossly underestimate God's sense of humor! Just look at the baboon's butt. Why did God create it that way? I have a theory: God never stops laughing. I have three kids and they crack me up all the time! What with six billion of us running around doing and saying funny and silly things, there must be something absolutely hilarious happening somewhere all the time!"
  • this post ministered to me on yesterday when i read it...must read. i like this statement, "Why should you stay in the game? Because we are called to fix our eyes on Jesus…and when the game got difficult He didn’t take Himself out–He played ALL FOUR QUARTERS…and made the most amazing comeback the world has ever seen. AND if He lives in you–then you are capable of the same thing…STAY in the game!!!"
  • elevation church has a great 3-part series on keeping people, good stuff from a church that's only 18 months old and reached over 2100 people last week - stuff we can learn from! post 1, post 2, post 3 - thanks elevation for making this info available
  • bobby talks about what the 'hype' is involving facebook. i like this statement, "If you don’t care about online trends or what technology tools are engaging people, then you can skip this post" - fact is, the internet is NOW engaging people and theres NO church reaching people using this vehicle as well as lifechurch
  • craig deals with the subject of vision and what it means to us on a personal level - great stuff, 2 posts, read them! post 1, post 2
  • my good friend, and former ministry bud, has one of the most amazing posts ever (not trying to overstate it, just read it - good stuff) - way to go larry, you rock! i like this statement, "I have a passion for CHANGE. Not just to be different, but to be effective. The Bible is more than a moral storybook. God is more than a pet rock (or a Webkin for the newest generations). Christianity is not a passing fad. Real people have lived their lives and died for the cause of Christ. So how can I do it???" - man that resonates with me!
  • finally, furtick (elevation church again) has this statement that has resonated with me, "You won't be judged on what you did, you will be judged on what you were called to do" - wow! stinkin' challenging - i love it!

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Anonymous said...

I too have been both challenged and encouraged lately by Furtick and Elevation Church stuff. I recently got in touch with a friend of mine from EC who is apparently singing on the praise team at Elevation so I started checkin' out theit stuff from a link on her page. Great stuff. By the way, I really enjoy your blogs. They challenge me. Thanks for that. You are continuously working on keeping your title of "Best Bro-in-Law Ever". Love ya!