16 years ago!

16 years ago tomorrow i made the second most important commitment in my life...the decision to forever walk in the covenant of marriage with patrice! - by far, after committing my life to Christ, the best decision i have ever made...

i married 'up' - my wife puts the 'zing' in a person, she is full of grace, character, beauty and the life of Christ. as a wife, she's is full of love, patience, understanding and commitment. as a mother, she is full of laughter, instruction, encouragement and love!

the journey we have walked together has been one full of adventure with each new day, week and year - as well as full of confidence - knowing that we would always have one another. why God ever saw me as being worthy and fit to be her husband, is beyond me - but i'm really glad He did and i'm extremely thankful and humbled.

allow me to be personal here (for my wife)...patrice, i will always love you! you, my dear, are truly the most beautiful woman i know and i'm in love with you know more than ever. with each passing year, you become more beautiful and attractive, more like Christ and more fun and full of adventure - i love our life together - happy anniversary!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" for being such a wonderful husband to my sister. I too feel like she puts the "zing" in amazing. The dream that I've always had for my life is to not have to explain to my child why me and her daddy aren't together anymore just as mama had to do for me and Patrice. That has also been my dream for Patrice. That we would be the ones to break this generational curse of divorce and bitterness. Thank you for being a Godly man to be her husband and the spiritual leader of your home. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend together and I'll keep the kids in safe keeping. I promise. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, hope you guys have great day!!!

Anonymous said...

In football terms you out punted your coverage!!! 6 weeks to UGA 1st game!!!

Debbie C. said...

Wow, what an amazing tribute to your wife!! I am thrilled for the life you two celebrate and model for Christ and others. God bless you both!!