had to post today...going to try and make it a point over the next 3 years to post on the 0#0#0# days (that'd be 080808 and 090909) - so, sort of as a 'pulse' of what's going on, here's what's happening on 070707...
  • the evangelists are on the air! that is the earth-lovers (not that i hate this place, i just don't worship it!)...i've tuned in a few times on and off through out the day to see what all the hoopla was over live earth "a concert for our climate in crisis" (or something like that) to say, i just think the whole 'global warming' thing is WAY overrated. bottom line: i think you can make the numbers say what YOU want them to say (al gore...) - some of the artists are good, but this, to me, seems to lack a LOT of the punch of some of the previous concerts for a cause (like farm aid, live aid, etc) - it seems hypocritical to me to promote awareness of global warming and the 'carbon footprint' while jet-setting all over the earth to sing, dance and party! also seems wrong to point the finger at me since i don't jet-set, don't vacation several times a year all over the earth and don't have a 10000 square foot house on each coast...makes me just want to say, just live like normal people and you'll do a ton of good...anyway, enough of my rant about this
  • the intercessors are standing in the gap! on to much better news - "The Call" is taking place in nashville and i know of at least a dozen people that are there standing in the gap - part of me wishes i could've been there, part of me doesn't - however, in purpose and intent, i stand in unity for what these people stand for! our nation must cry out in repentance and seek's God's mercy and favor - as well, the Church must step up to the plate and not placate any longer
  • now to random news...i cleaned out my basement today some more; i'm reading a great book right now called 'the fabulous reinvention of sunday school' - awesome read! seeing that i'm the pastor responsible for all of children's ministry, thought it best to begin to set some vision for the future in the area of excellence and expectation - this book is helping! i highly recommend it for ALL children's workers - there are take-away principles from a guy that's done the stuff that all can learn from.
  • had some great family time in north carolina over the 4th - much needed! we grilled out, played some kick ball with the kids, ate homemade ice cream, and watched the sky light up with fireworks...
  • our mexico team (28 people) left this morning for an intensive construction trip - pray for them daily!

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