growing, growing, they'll be gone...

as i sit and listen to the braves tonight i realize, often actually, i am an amazingly blessed man...

today we celebrated my son's 12th birthday - last year in the tweener or pre-teen years - yes, i know what comes next, no i'm not in a hurry to get there. it was a great day for us as a also happens to be the day before school for both my son and daughter - man, where does the time go? as i sat in chick-fil-a at beechwood today, i had a window seat facing toward st. mary's hospital - then a very surreal moment occurred as i looked at my son, looked out the window toward the hospital and realized that 12 years ago, almost to the minute, he came into the world and our world was forever prayer is that we raise him to change his world as a man of God...

so, tomorrow school starts - the time flies, the days quickly fade into years and the moments only become memories...

in case anyone's wondering, yes, my family is my first ministry responsibility and my first life responsibility...i make no bones about it - if i loose my family, i've lost! - that's not an option for me - nor should it be for you - dads & moms, don't settle for time passing and not redeeming it along the's what God has called you to!

nonreligious guy and never coming back

just added this guy to my blogroll and i really dig his blog - anyway, he's written a couple lately that should cause us to stop and think about what we do, how we do and why we do...some of the things we do!
hello, my name is nonreligious guy
16 reasons i'll never come back to your church
be sure to click through to read his posts.

fat christians

came across this post today from the swerve through to read more...btw, we can all find ourselves in this post.

sunday night mind dump

a huge thanks to the fam that kept the kids this past weekend...patrice and i were able to spend 3 days with just one another...we went to see a movie (personally, loved evan almighty, not for everyone, but funny), went to some nicer restaurants and hung out in buckhead...we enjoyed some brazilian steakhouse and some incredible cheesecake...spent some time just walking, some time just talking, some time praying and some time just reading - all in all, a great 3 day weekend - definitely what we needed to celebrate 16 years of marriage and decompress from the demands of life...

16 years ago!

16 years ago tomorrow i made the second most important commitment in my life...the decision to forever walk in the covenant of marriage with patrice! - by far, after committing my life to Christ, the best decision i have ever made...

i married 'up' - my wife puts the 'zing' in a person, she is full of grace, character, beauty and the life of Christ. as a wife, she's is full of love, patience, understanding and commitment. as a mother, she is full of laughter, instruction, encouragement and love!

the journey we have walked together has been one full of adventure with each new day, week and year - as well as full of confidence - knowing that we would always have one another. why God ever saw me as being worthy and fit to be her husband, is beyond me - but i'm really glad He did and i'm extremely thankful and humbled.

allow me to be personal here (for my wife)...patrice, i will always love you! you, my dear, are truly the most beautiful woman i know and i'm in love with you know more than ever. with each passing year, you become more beautiful and attractive, more like Christ and more fun and full of adventure - i love our life together - happy anniversary!

Another challenge

Why, when I want to watch a dvd, does it take all these remotes? Challenge met!

baboon's butts, facebook, elevators, webkins and change

by far, that's the longest title for a post that i've created...anyway, here are some blog posts that i've been reading and re-reading...lots of randomness here...enjoy and click through to read them.
  • batterson shares a theology of laughter that's great - i like this statement, "I think we grossly underestimate God's sense of humor! Just look at the baboon's butt. Why did God create it that way? I have a theory: God never stops laughing. I have three kids and they crack me up all the time! What with six billion of us running around doing and saying funny and silly things, there must be something absolutely hilarious happening somewhere all the time!"
  • this post ministered to me on yesterday when i read it...must read. i like this statement, "Why should you stay in the game? Because we are called to fix our eyes on Jesus…and when the game got difficult He didn’t take Himself out–He played ALL FOUR QUARTERS…and made the most amazing comeback the world has ever seen. AND if He lives in you–then you are capable of the same thing…STAY in the game!!!"
  • elevation church has a great 3-part series on keeping people, good stuff from a church that's only 18 months old and reached over 2100 people last week - stuff we can learn from! post 1, post 2, post 3 - thanks elevation for making this info available
  • bobby talks about what the 'hype' is involving facebook. i like this statement, "If you don’t care about online trends or what technology tools are engaging people, then you can skip this post" - fact is, the internet is NOW engaging people and theres NO church reaching people using this vehicle as well as lifechurch
  • craig deals with the subject of vision and what it means to us on a personal level - great stuff, 2 posts, read them! post 1, post 2
  • my good friend, and former ministry bud, has one of the most amazing posts ever (not trying to overstate it, just read it - good stuff) - way to go larry, you rock! i like this statement, "I have a passion for CHANGE. Not just to be different, but to be effective. The Bible is more than a moral storybook. God is more than a pet rock (or a Webkin for the newest generations). Christianity is not a passing fad. Real people have lived their lives and died for the cause of Christ. So how can I do it???" - man that resonates with me!
  • finally, furtick (elevation church again) has this statement that has resonated with me, "You won't be judged on what you did, you will be judged on what you were called to do" - wow! stinkin' challenging - i love it!

just for fun...

my college roommate and very good friend (Jeff) has a fun link to songs that were #1 on different dates. so, just for fun, here are the number one songs on some important dates in my life:
my birth date: Ode to Billy Joe by Bobbie Gentry
my anniversary: Everything I Do (I do it for you) by Brian Adams (great song)
Patrice b-day: One Bad Apple by The Osmonds (not making this up...)
Josh's b-day: Waterfalls by TLC
Alyssa's b-day: Independent Woman (Pt. 1) by Destiny's Child (way to appropriate)

here's the link if you want to look up a date

they care about me, they don't care about me

this summer i've had the joy of going to two theme are my thoughts:
  • one of them cares about me and makes me feel like they want me there
  • one of them doesn't
  • one of them closes every day and night with a party and a huge finale
  • one of them doesn't
  • one of them dresses their employees in uniforms that are fun and appropriate to the ride/show
  • one of them dress their employees in shirts that say, 'help keep your/our park beautiful MY FAMILY comes here too" - suggesting that it's really not about the guest, it's about "their family"
  • one of them cleans the gum off the sidewalks and handrails because first impressions last
  • one of them waits until the end of the year
  • one of them has employees that actually serve as though they want to be there
  • one of them has employees that are there to collect a check
  • one of them lets me pay one fee to enter the park and have a blast
  • one of them nickels and dimes (or, $5's and $10's me) at every chance
nonetheless, we had a blast at six flags thursday...the greatest joy comes in watching your children, experiencing thrills together and spending time with family. we also had some friends with us and that made it a lot of fun as well.

my son won a huge taz (literally twice his size at least) and we had to put him in my daughter's stroller because he was too big to carry - i had decided secretly that we would love to sell him and not bring him home - just as we were about to leave, a guy in the line at the sky buckets offered us double what we paid for him (we paid $10, he offered $20) - my son, at the prompting of someone else in line, said "give me $30" - he countered with $25 - DEAL!
way to go my son, great way to close the deal! plus, i didn't have to try to fit him into the sky bucket or the mini-van!

bottom line, the best place theme park hand's down is...disney in orlando - every child (regardless of age) needs to go!

70 @ 100

this is my 100th post on this site (think i had 146 on the previous site), to celebrate:
70 things i'm thankful for (as suggested by todd)...
  • thankful for my Creator who loves me and gave me life
  • thankful for my most beautiful bride of almost 16 years
  • thankful for my son and his genuineness, love for Christ, and joy that he brings
  • thankful for my daughter who has brought us so much joy, laughter and is daddy's girl
  • thankful for laughter
  • thankful for my home and the place of sanctuary that it is
  • thankful for my mom and the sacrifices she made as a parent to raise me
  • thankful for my dad and the relationship we now have
  • thankful for my brother and the gift of music God's blessed him with
  • thankful for and sister, her voice and her love for God
  • thankful for my mother and father-in-law
  • thankful for brothers/sisters-in-law - they're all awesome
  • thankful for my nieces and nephews
  • thankful for a Godly heritage from my grandparents
  • thankful for my church and the awesome opportunity to serve at my church
  • thankful for the opportunity to worship in freedom
  • thankful for transportation
  • thankful for technology
  • thankful for computers
  • thankful for my blackberry
  • thankful for the braves
  • thankful for baseball season
  • thankful for the dawgs
  • thankful for football season
  • thankful for a/c
  • thankful for fpu
  • thankful for freedom
  • thankful for music
  • thankful for the ability to play guitar
  • thankful for vacations
  • thankful for family game night
  • thankful for family movie night
  • thankful for a comfortable place to sleep
  • thankful for books
  • thankful for and the ability to read
  • thankful for health
  • thankful for doctors
  • thankful for dentists especially
  • thankful for a close relationship with my wife
  • thankful for a close relationship with my kids
  • thankful for close friends who pray for me and encourage me
  • thankful for challenges that shape me
  • thankful for sunrises and sunset that bookend the day
  • thankful for burritos, barbaritos, and moes
  • thankful for mountain dew
  • thankful for rest
  • thankful for riding lawn mowers
  • thankful for being born in florida
  • thankful for not living in florida now
  • thankful for the internet and web 2.0
  • thankful for the bloggers that i read
  • thankful for the cotn bloggers
  • thankful for blue jeans
  • thankful for God's protection as a child
  • thankful for espn, discovery and fox news
  • thankful for soccer
  • thankful for the leaders i serve with
  • thankful for the leaders i don't serve with
  • thankful for God's faithfulness and grace
  • thankful for the Holy Spirit
  • thankful for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice
  • thankful for emmanuel college
  • thankful for southwestern university
  • thankful for catalyst
  • thankful for directv and dvr
  • thankful for the leadership and character my wife leads with
  • thankful for spring, summer and fall
  • thankful for our pastors @ cotn
  • thankful for the elders @ cotn
  • thankful for coffee
i did not number them because they are in a completely random order - there's no significance to any of the order! so, what are you thankful for?


  • the key - prayer
  • the motive - love
  • the reason - God's glory
  • the people - the Body of Christ
  • the time - 8pm
  • the place - downtown athens
  • the need - unity among believers
  • the call - soldiers of Christ

  • the question - will you be there?

down with email

actually, email is down with me, if you're trying to 'e' me, it's not working...sorry, the technology demons are at it again...


that's the sound that Christ brings as He has come to bring FREEDOM (hear that with a loud, victorious voice)...

spent some time today with about 30 other intercessors (btw, i don't consider myself an intercessor - just a pray-er) as they repented, cried out to God, and sought Him in unity. there's a movement that's growing to see athens 'won for Christ' - i believe this city is ripe for revival! i believe God wants to and longs to pour out His Spirit in this community! i believe God wants the Church to walk in power, victory and confidence! i believe we're going to see it happen!

so, what does this mean for me?
  1. i have to remain and maintain a life of purity - when i rec'd Christ, it was into my life - all of me
  2. i have to maintain an attitude of humility - this is a daily battle for a lot of people, me included
  3. i have to expect God to do it - it's up to Him, i'm just a vessle
  4. i have to expect that God's radical transforming power is going to forever change the landscape of: church, family, ministries, people, people, people...did i mention people?
  5. i have to continue to be a pray-er
  6. i have to realize i'm a carrier of the image of Christ...
  7. i have to worship Him
  8. i have to simplify my life continually
  9. i have to realize that He uses me and you
  10. i have to expect freedom
  11. i have to realize that No ONE is too far 'gone'
  12. i have to embrace God's move and NOT control it - or even try!
  13. i have to give like never before
  14. i have to lead like never before
  15. i have to die to self like never before
  16. i have to serve like never before
  17. i have to expect like never before
  18. i have to pay attention like never before
  19. i have to step up to the plate on every opportunity like never before
  20. i have to realize i'm a work in progress
i challenge you with everything within me to be at "Liberate Athens" on august 3rd - more details later...

one of the best things you'll listen to

i'm on my second 'go-round' of listening to this message about innovation by craig groeshcel - gotta say, EVERY - EVERY - EVERY leader needs to listen to this and be encouraged - you'll be challenged, but it'll encourage you as well. i love craig's formula:

limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation!

think, acts chapter 3...peter and john making their way through the city, they come upon a crippled man asking for money...peter says, "don't have any silver or gold, sorry" (that's limited resources), then he says, "what i do have, i give it to you - get up and walk!" (that's increasing passion) - he then stretched out his hand and and offered for him to get up and walk! (that's innovation!).

i sometimes find myself trying to figure out how to do something then get frustrated because i don't have the resources...that's just stinkin' wrong! i (and you...) have got to stop letting our limited resources become the limiting factor for us. let me say that again in a different way...our limited resources need not become the end of a's our increasing passion that pushes us over the top to innovate...

what do you think, would love to hear your thoughts...

sunday night download

  • first, want to say we had an amazing service was really incredible the way God moved in and took over...gotta say, i knew with a large group coming back from the call last week we had have some added fervor - it was beyond my imagination. God dealt with at least me and about a dozen other people at the altar for an extended time (actually, God was already dealing with me) - in a nutshell, here it is: God told me at the beginning of last year to simplify my life. this past weekend i spent several hours cleaning out old stuff (remember that 'important' high school stuff? yea, you don't need it any more...high school is over!), in various areas of my life, i've been trying to simplify...God dealt with me this morning, he told me to stop letting things crowd Him out. He gave me a visual reminder of when i returned from phoenix back in february and my wife was awaiting us at the ATL (ian had lost his keys and we had to have another set) - anyway, from a distance i saw her, the crowd was everywhere...between us, i was with good friends, (P.I. and P.A.), but i wanted to be with my best friend (Patrice)...i had to get to her to greet her after being gone a few days, but the crowd was in the way. that's what God showed me, then said, He's trying to get to me, but there's too much crowding Him out. just gotta be honest here, He dealt with me while i was at the altar!
  • ok, that was the MAJOR highlight of the day, here are some others: had family game night tonight - i love being with my kids and my wife! we played life . Also, last night was date wife and son went on a date (olive garden and groovy golf) my daughter and i went on a date (la cazuala, botanical gardens and b&n) time is great!
  • these bloggers have a lot to say...check 'em out:
  1. mark batterson deals with the issue of service disruptions ...great wisdom and i love the fact that they didn't try to hide it, etc - they just dealt with it!
  2. here's a great book for pastors regarding web 2.0 (f you don't know what web 2.0 is check out this article or this article) - here's the link for the pdf
  3. elevation has a great 3-part series on assimilation: here, here and here these are some of the best articles i've seen from from this site!
  4. free media resources can be found here
  • worship was great today - the team did a great job
  • i'm thankful for our church and the fact that God is using us - we want and need to be open at all times to the move of the Spirit
  • i really like my blackberry curve - i'm going on two weeks now and can honestly say there's nothing about it that i don't like! this is an amazing phone!
  • the braves are kicking but & i'm loving it! still gotta shore up the rotation i think, but the bats, the speed, the defense and the offensive production are up there...
  • about 50+/- days left until opening kick off for the dawgs!
  • put a memory foam on our bed and i'm sleeping like a baby!
  • i'm reading more than ever really learning a lot!

so encouraged...

i'm choosing to focus on the good things and the 'God' things...sure beats the heck out of focusing on the other things...

so encouraged...

have spent the last few days cleaning out the basement in preparation for a yard sale and remodel - it's long overdue and there's a way to go, but right now, i'm really encouraged...

simplifying your life is a good thing and it'll encourage you

so encouraged...

watching my friend ron carpenter preach right the word he's's a snippet

are you 'in the storm' or is the 'storm in you' - gotta say, he's laying it out there hard...

a while back i preached a sermon where i talked about the fact that we are created to be 'kingdom-carriers' - that is, we carry the kingdom wherever we go...he's preaching that a lot of people are 'conflict-carriers' - that is, the storm got inside of them and they are nothing but carriers of conflict - so true

so encouraged...

had my dad over for supper last night...he was nearby taking a class for the umc...anyway, seems that the longer i'm in ministry, the less i know - not really, it's just good to have someone so close that i can springboard off of, someone that will give me fresh perspective, someone that will encourage me, someone's wisdom to learn from...

the virus spreads...

got to welcome rachel to the blogosphere...

rachel's site has interesting colors and interesting church signs to enjoy - you'll be inspired and repulsed at the same time, i'll leave it to you to decide which one does what...

for those that are still wondering will the blog-world just be a passing fade, there's this

things on the horizon...

perspective is really everything!

kind of been in what i call a 'funk' - thankfully, i have a few people that are close enough to me to be able to discern these times and they're there to encourage and pray for me - you know who you are - thanks.

as i sat to write tonight's post, the word 'horizon' popped in my mind...that's a Holy Spirit thing! horizon is a word of optimism and hope...a word of future, a word of progress. the Holy Spirit's been teaching me a couple of they are: 1.) trust your gut...i know may not sound too 'spiritual' but when you seek to 'walk in the Spirit' as the Word encourages us to do, then your 'gut' can become a place where God speaks to you...i'm learning this...i'm also encouraging others...for instance, i believe there's something valid to 'women's intuition' i think it's called discernment...i'm learning to trust my wife's intuition (sounds better than saying gut!); 2.) i'm learning to look to the horizon of God (that'd be God's horizon, his future, his plan, Him!) - what's that mean? real simple...i don't have to know evreything - i can't! if i knew all of God's plan, i'd be blown away. i know some of what God has spoken to me regarding this year and i don't honestly understand it all...good news...i don't have to! i just look to the horizon to see what God's going to do next! fact of the matter is we try to look "OVER" the horizon...we want to see it all, know it all, plan it all - we'll blow it if we do though!...just look to Him.

so, what's on the horizon? what do i see right now? i'd love to share a few of them...later! the next level

don't normally watch a lot of tv preachers, but there are a few that can interest me and whom i feel like are really doing some good for the Body of Christ...

late last night i was tuned into godTV (directv 365) and started watching t.d. jakes as he was speaking at the annual hillsong leadership conference...he shared this story...

as a child his mom wanted him to be able to count to 100 before going to school - he worked on it, he deliberated over it with her, he finally got to the point where he could count to 10! then he went to his mom, told her he could count to and thought she'd let him off the hook - she didn't...then he had this realization...11,12,13,14,21,22,23,24,31,32,33,34,etc...all the way to 100...are just 1,2,3,4, the next level!

the problem is that when we get to 10 on one level, we don't want to go back to a '1' on the next level, we want to, instead, go to 20, then 30, then 40, etc - however, there are steps involved going from one level to the next and you have to decide, "will I remain at 10 on this the top of this level, or am i willing to go to 1, or the bottom of the next level so that i can one day end up at 20, or 30, or 100?"

that's the question that we have to answer!


had to post today...going to try and make it a point over the next 3 years to post on the 0#0#0# days (that'd be 080808 and 090909) - so, sort of as a 'pulse' of what's going on, here's what's happening on 070707...
  • the evangelists are on the air! that is the earth-lovers (not that i hate this place, i just don't worship it!)...i've tuned in a few times on and off through out the day to see what all the hoopla was over live earth "a concert for our climate in crisis" (or something like that) to say, i just think the whole 'global warming' thing is WAY overrated. bottom line: i think you can make the numbers say what YOU want them to say (al gore...) - some of the artists are good, but this, to me, seems to lack a LOT of the punch of some of the previous concerts for a cause (like farm aid, live aid, etc) - it seems hypocritical to me to promote awareness of global warming and the 'carbon footprint' while jet-setting all over the earth to sing, dance and party! also seems wrong to point the finger at me since i don't jet-set, don't vacation several times a year all over the earth and don't have a 10000 square foot house on each coast...makes me just want to say, just live like normal people and you'll do a ton of good...anyway, enough of my rant about this
  • the intercessors are standing in the gap! on to much better news - "The Call" is taking place in nashville and i know of at least a dozen people that are there standing in the gap - part of me wishes i could've been there, part of me doesn't - however, in purpose and intent, i stand in unity for what these people stand for! our nation must cry out in repentance and seek's God's mercy and favor - as well, the Church must step up to the plate and not placate any longer
  • now to random news...i cleaned out my basement today some more; i'm reading a great book right now called 'the fabulous reinvention of sunday school' - awesome read! seeing that i'm the pastor responsible for all of children's ministry, thought it best to begin to set some vision for the future in the area of excellence and expectation - this book is helping! i highly recommend it for ALL children's workers - there are take-away principles from a guy that's done the stuff that all can learn from.
  • had some great family time in north carolina over the 4th - much needed! we grilled out, played some kick ball with the kids, ate homemade ice cream, and watched the sky light up with fireworks...
  • our mexico team (28 people) left this morning for an intensive construction trip - pray for them daily!

lit up!

for the record, i now have a severe disdain for flying, stinger-boring, insects called wasps...while out doing yard work today, i was lit up by a small army of them (ok, i don't really know how many there were) - i ran away as fast as i could with 3 stings on my legs - ouch! for the record, i'm pretty tough and deal with pain, i feel, better than most because i typically choose not to focus on the pain - but, MAN, this freakin' hurts! i can't stop thinking about them, i've od'd on benadryl, tylenol, ibuprofen, various creams that take away: pain, sting, itchiness, etc - all to no avail - this has brought a grown man to his weakest point in a long last thing to try: mexican food for supper...i'll let you know if it works!

under the knife

i'm amazed at how many leaders there are that are not readers!

let me say this, leaders are readers!

in order to sharpen your leadership skills and become more effective, you must, and i mean must, be a reader. and, that reading must be in a variety of genres (mine recently include: spiritual disciplines, church growth, evangelism, leadership, fiction, business, spiritual warfare, worship) - i cross-read, just as an athlete would cross-train so that i can become better at whatever i do or whatever God calls me to do!

again, leaders are readers!

reading a book is like going under the presents the opportunity for someone else to 'open you up' so that change can be brought about in your life. you have to read things you don't agree with in order to be stretched and gain understanding. you have to go 'under the knife' so that someone else's words can be planted into your being, then you process them, look for truth and application, and become better at your purpose.

again, leaders are readers!

and that reading must begin and be maintained with a steady diet of God's Word - the Bible! unless you're allowing God's truth to cut you open like a knife, then you're exposing yourself to other voices that haven't been filtered through His Voice first.

again, leaders are readers!

what's on your nightstand to read next? i'd love to hear from you...

now you know, the 'rest' of the story

had a book suggested to me recently titled, "The Rest of God" - the basic premise, so far as i can tell only 1 chapter in, is that the 'rest' of God (i.e., sabbatical) is 2 fold: it's physical and it's mental. physically speaking, the 'rest' of God comes in the form of what we ideally call our sabbath - that can be sunday, wednesday, whatever (for those in the ministry, it's certainly not sunday!). mentally speaking, the 'rest' of God comes in form of dis-engaging from our hectic-paced lifestyle.

thus far, this is the one key take-away for me - when we observe and embrace the 'rest of God' (sabbath) then we get the rest of God - that is His personality, His outlook, His view for our lives.

pick it up, great read, incredibly well written - think, like lucado - and very convicting...


no, it's not the iPhone, i haven't consumed the apple kool-aid...

however, it IS the new blackberry curve and i gotta say, it's sweeeeeeeeeeetttt!!!

here's why i really like this phone:
  1. cheaper than the iPhone
  2. media capable with a microSD card slot (gotta buy one, but i understand there's 4 Gig card coming out which makes it the equivalent in terms of memory of the 4 gig iPhone)
  3. full qwerty keyboard - i like typing qwerty, only time i can use that word
  4. nice fit in my hand and pocket
  5. GREAT call quality
  6. great speakerphone
  7. camera that's good enough for 4x6 prints - pretty good for a cell camera
  8. feels like a quality phone, doesn't feel like a plastic phone
  9. contacts and calendar in one location
  10. email is a bonus
  11. great looking screen
  12. EDGE data is better than GPRS data
iNewPhone is cool

ministry in the late innings

ministry, like life, is full of seasons...
today the thought occurred to me that there are a couple of parallels between a baseball game and they are (if you've never been to a baseball game, college or pro, feel free to invite me, i love a good game):

  • at the beginning of the game and into the first few (2 or 3) innings there's a celebratory, party atmosphere. the game is new, the guys are rested and both teams are optimistic about their future as far as the next couple of hours go - that is unless there's a blow out in the first few innings. regardless, even if there's a blow out, the game started amid a festive atmosphere - the ceremonial first pitch, the guest singers singing the national anthem, the routine 'donation' to a local charity or organization - all of these things create hope, anticipation and a forward-looking outlook for the immediate future.
  • ministry parallels this...when we first start in ministry or start in a new ministry role (whether paid or volunteer), we tend to have that same anticipation, that same hope and that same forward-looking outlook for the immediate future. that is until...
  • late innings arrive - suddenly the ball game is on the line, the coach begins to make substitutions to maximize every opportunity, every pitch counts, every signal counts, every decision counts, every reaction counts - get this, there's nothing that doesn't 'count' - suddenly the sole focus is on one thing...the reason for the game, the reason for the practice - it suddenly become all about winning with every decision it is in ministry
  • in ministry, there's always a 'honeymoon' period (early innings), then things become focused...when we realize its all about the 'one thing' then we begin to make decisions that revolve around our purpose - whether you're a ministry leader with a distinct 'mission statement' or 'visions statement' or if you're a volunteer who makes it happen week in and week out, i challenge you to focus on the 'one thing' - yes, it's the great commission, yes it's the great commandment, but it's also more than's the purpose you're doing what you're's the reason you practice, the reason you show up, the reason every decision 'counts'