vacation shut down...

top 5 things to do while on vacation:
  1. don't check email - by far, the easiest to give into but if you do, you'll find someone that 'needs' you right away - when i left georgia, i left email too! best thing i did!
  2. use your cell for family purposes only - that's right screen every call, still have calls that i don't know who they were from because i didn't have the number, didn't recognize the number and they didn't leave a message - cool with me!
  3. shut down mentally - i took a grisham book with me because i knew that if i took a 'churchy' book, i'd be reading for reconnaissance - not allowed on vacation - all of my down time (which wasn't much) was spent reading 357 pages of grisham
  4. remain flexible - we had one day that was a 'rain day' (which was also our last day there and our built in 'recover-from-walking-all-around-mickey-land-day'). when it rained that afternoon (after the pool) we went to chevy's (the best tasting mexican food i know of), then too wal mart for souvenier shopping (yes, authentic walt disney merchandise at wal mart that was about 1/3 the cost of the same product in the parks) and then off to see shrek the 3rd - we kept it fluid (in honor of the rain coming down...tropical storm barry) and we kept it fun!
  5. look for fun, say 'yes' more than you say 'no' and build memories - the most important is saved for last! - we had more fun than ever, we said 'yes' to our kids more than we said 'no' and we built plenty of memories to last a lifetime, without going broke!

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Jeff Smith said...

I like the vacation goals. Stuff you should already know and do, but probably don't. Good to "voice" them, make you accountable. I saved them and will go over them (if I think about it) the next time I take vacation.