vacation recap

just want to recap, mainly for me and for the future, the vacation and some realizations that i had while away with my family...
  • i love my wife and kids! can't say it family is my first ministry! i have an awesome wife who is full of grace, dignity, love and is a real joy to be around. my kids are growing and changing! my son is moving to the 'adventure' phase of kid-dom. it's the phase where the little kids' rides are ok, but give him a coaster any day! my daughter is growing and developing quite a sense of humor - we think that's good, time will tell! plus, she's beginning to like!
  • some hilarious moments: my son walked into the ladies room at a store that we stopped at for a potty break, he was extremely embarrassed, but he's a great person and able to laugh at life and the mistakes we make...he cracked up telling me about it
  • my daughter is too much like her dad...while on vacation she was reading 4 books at once and could tell you where she was and what was going on - pretty amazing for a 6 year old!
  • chevy's is my favorite mexican resturant of all time - they live up to the fresh-mex slogan they have - wish there was one in georgia - if you go, order the table-side guac - simply the best guacamole ever!
  • we ate at uno's - chicago style pizza and steak - had the pizza and it was the real deal - chicago style pizza baby! best since visiting the windy city a couple of years ago
  • we laughed a lot! - my son thought a gazebo was a place that clarinet players went to go play clarinets - funny!
  • saw my cousin (eric) get married to vanessa in a beach side ceremony - really cool and really short - i like short weddings! then we went into the reception room and enjoyed some food and drink (coffee for the womack clan!)
  • got a chance to hang out for a few minutes on my other cousin's sailboat...she and her boyfriend are going to set sail for the bahamas on their 41 foot sail boat any day now - certainly not for me, but kind of neat to check out, never been on a sail boat like!
  • had a chance to spend a little time with 'the memaw' - that's our affectionate name for my dad's mom - she's a great woman who's offered up many prayers (and still does) for all of her grandchildren and her family. interesting point, since my great grandfather there have been over 20 people involved in ministry (he was a methodist pastor) - cool to see the generational blessing flow - great to know that my salvation and protection is a direct result of many prayers of both of my grandmothers.
  • disney is clean! really clean! amazingly clean! i love that place - my wife and i want to retire there just to work because it looks like fun! the people actually enjoy their job.
  • the toll booth's stink...but it does make for quick trips...
  • glad i don't live in s. ga. or n. fl. - the smoke from all the fires was unbelievable...
  • i read a grisham novel - going to make it a point to read more fiction this year - at least a few novels a year to disengage the mind from churchy stuff and enjoy some mental diversion - grisham's one of my favorite writers
  • florida has WAY more country stations than i ever remember as a kid - what up w/that? not bad, i actually dig some country...
  • my son was going to learn to surf but the undercurrent was way too bad - in brevard county, where i grew up, the lifeguards rescued over 200 people!
  • my daughter worked on her 'kickers' and 'diggers' - she's in the middle of swim lessons and these are the terms they use - brilliant! be glad when she finally catches on and is able to on her own - will make me feel much better...until the, she can still swim with daddy

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