rockin' stage!

gotta say, our stage looks awesome today!

in celebration of it being father's day (and 'man day') we've got on stage: a dirt bike, several chain saws, hockey sticks, fishing poles, fishing nets, dawg jerseys and in the back of the sanctuary...a huge touring bike! oh yea, we also had a pulpit made out of wheels that had been welded together - way to go guys!

i love creativity! God is a creative God (read Genesis 1-2) - too bad we start out life creating and dreaming and too often as we get older we start criticizing and doubting...not today baby!

why all the extra tlc into today's sermon...because we've got to reach, we just need to transfer this passion and creativity into an ongoing process to reach the nations...i love my church.


Debbie C. said...

Actually, it wasn't a Harley. I thought it was too, until Dave Hatcher told me it was something else, don't remember the name. Anyway, the bike belongs to Dave's son. It was an awesome bike and a great service!! I loved the pulpit and took a pic of it to put on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement, I must say I really like it when you say, I love my church, because that's when I know in your mind something was done right. At any rate COTN needs you and your family you are a difference maker. Just wanted to encourage you!!!