Project GO!

got in a few hours ago from project go

for those that don't know, pg is a kid's missions trip. it is specifically for select 3rd-6th graders and involves them doing the ministry (a kid's crusade) in a church. the a/g have been using this in georgia to help new churches or urbanc churches. this is the second year they've done them and the second year that we (my family) have participated. this year, however, we also took along 4 other kids (total of 6 from our church that ministered) - wow! what a blast we had.

my main goal in going is to cook and serve the team. let me digress - i do this because it's totally unlike anything i do all year long(well, yes, i do cook at home sometimes) - but this is a different situation. we had almost 30 people on the trip this year (29 to be exact) and they were from as far south as blackshear, ga. why do i take a week away from our church to serve? because it's healthy for me as a leader and a christian. i don't serve in any camps (used too), i don't go out of the country on mission's trips (want to, but we have other guys that go) so i do this and it's always such a great blessing. gotta admit, before we left, my wife and i said this would be our last one...we changed our mind. i'm always amazed at the kids and the way God uses them. we saw about 30 people saved or recommit their life to Christ during the 3 night crusade. we were hosted by another a/g church (dalton first a/g - dalton, ga) and they were gracious to let a bunch of kids and adults come and crash at their location, use their electricity and water and receive no direct benefit - although they will indirectly. we prayed for pastor miller and his church before we left that God would bless them immediately for their sacrifice and excellence. we did outreach for "the sanctuary" also in dalton (notice to a/g churches in the same city partnering together...that's how the kingdom works!). pastor eric and his team are doing a great job at establishing a foundation for future growth. they've got a great location and they are continuing to reach out to others - their vision is for the family! pray for the sanctuary and pastor eric as they move forward in this church plant - they've only been going about 3 or 4 months now and are expecting God to do powerful things. gotta say, i love the a/g and what they're doing!

well, time to head to bed, father's day is tomorrow at COTN and i can't wait to be with our people...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you guys had a blast. I have to admit, I missed reading your blogs this week. I've gotten a little addicted to them. Ha, ha. But seriously, thanks for being open to all areas of the ministry, even the not so glorious ones of cooking. You're the best. Love ya!