the pieces are coming together...

preaching this week and i've been assigned a topic...this is not an unusual situation in large churches that use a lot of sermon series and work pretty far in, months and months in advance. some would think this is perhaps 'unspiritual' or something similar - i think not! see, the holy spirit can easily speak to me or a group of people several weeks in advance or on the spot, he's not boxed in by our is, however, a challenge for me - i tend to never think a sermon is 'done' until i'm 'done' delivering it...i'm constantly having to review things, think things through and re-evaluate's a challenge!

anyway, the pieces are coming together, i have my direction, my outline and yes, i have prayed...btw, that's the first part! here's the thing that always amazes me...this week, i have the God-given opportunity to present His Word and direction for our church - that's an amazing and AWEsome responsibility that i DON'T take lightly...i embrace it! i like what batterson says, 'pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on me' - that's a pretty good guide for most of what we do in life!

one final thing about speaking and preaching...i taught the preschoolers last night, not sure if they got anything out of it except that pastor rick let's them scream a lot (and they do an excellent job!) - just so you know, i'm way more comfortable ministering to adults and youth than i am kids/preschoolers - people don't realize it, but they have the power to take the world over - we have to beware of the preschoolers...ok, i'm just kidding, let's just say i know where my calling is NOT! (and so do they and all the adults watching me last night...:)


Jeff Smith said...

hey, what a coincendence (sp?), I'm preaching Sunday. I'm thinking to start in handcuffs and talk about being in bondage. Start with America in bondage to England - nor real way out... but they did. then Israel in Egypt - no way out... but God & Moses. Then the guy in bondage to deamons and the disciples couldn't help and Jesus shows up and takes care of it. Something like that. Got to memorize most of it because I've not figured out how/when to get out of the handcuffs. I'll prob have someone with the keys come up and pray with me and unhook. Got to get some time to work on it tomorrow - I've done some prelem stuff.

I guess I'll know what you are doing while I'm doing the same thing. Cool.

Later buddy

Anonymous said...

Rhonda said that the kids were all over the place...very tough audience...little people that wont be still or quiet and have no attention span and in most cases don't apply any of what you preach...sounds an awful lot like most church congregations!?!?!?