one last post about father's day service

these are some thoughts about what we did well in our father's day service...
  • testimonies – testimonies keep it real for real people – they let people share their experiences.. they also let attendees understand that not everyone has ‘it together’ but that there's a God who cares...they connect the Gospel to real people
  • video – this is an incredible tool to reach our younger generation
  • background images – they were easy for the guys to relate to
  • song choice – guys liked the songs, know what? so did the ladies from what i could tell.
  • humor – humor is a form of entertainment – entertainment simply means to hold one’s attention
  • change – we changed up the service…change is a good thing because it combats predictability.
  • challenge – the challenge at the end was great…I think that leaving people with a strong challenge to ‘do something about it’ is always a good thing
  • men's choir - the men's choir was the strongest it's ever been and they did an incredible job of leading us in worship

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