on the radar

just wanted to pass along some great reading from other bloggers that you've got to check out:
  • mark batterson shares a quote from Best Life magazine that challenges me: The only thing worse than not having the skills you need to meet your challenges is not having challenges big enough to summon all of your skills.
  • also, batterson shares about vulnerability in ministry: i like points#: 4,6,7 and 9
  • tony morgan shares 6 leadership development points that are ALL spot on!
  • chris and todd both offer recaps of our father's day service @ cotn - chris' also includes links to the vid's should you wish to review them again - good stuff guys!
  • mark driscoll shares some staggering and sobbering stats about pastors - you NEED to read this, then pray for your pastor(s) and their families EVERY day! these stats don't lie...
  • apple has released the safari web browser for use on microsoft systems - apple claims that their browser is up to (key words there...'up to') 2 times faster than IE7 and 'up to' 1.6 times faster than firefox (the new browser of choice) - what's this mean? there's no excuse for using IE any longer...
  • finally, guy kawasaki has a great recap for people that speak in public either through performance or presentation - #4 really works (try it...i'll use this next time i need to) and #9 is a great tool for communicating

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