just show up

was talking with one of our leaders this morning about ministry...gotta be candid here, when we went on the project Go trip this past week, i was totally ready to let this be the last trip we make. no real major reasons, no disappointment, just ready to let it go - then something me. i showed up.

here's the thing with ministry...sometimes we just don't feel like doing it. ok, maybe you're super spiritual, or more spiritual than i, but i gotta be honest here, sometimes i just don't want to - glad i'm not the only one that doesn't want to sometimes though...

as i was talking with this ministry leader, he recalled how every time when he doesn't want to be there or sometimes when he just doesn't feel like he's quite ready or got his best 'stuff' God shows up and does something either in him or someone else - what's it take?

you just need to show up!

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