great day

just a quick post about today - we had staff meeting, we talked about pressure points - what are the points of pressure for each of us?...took the time to go around the room and discuss where we were - of course, because we are all individuals, we all had different ones...won't share mine here, why? because following that discussion we had a time of worship and prayer where we each released them to God - so, i don't have mine anymore...

followed up by a great meeting with shawna and kristin - great talk! these ladies are leading the charge on our megasports camp and doing a fantastic job! i applaud their leadership and their embracing this ministry totally! we talked about that and some other ministries pertaining to children - it was a healthy talk - we talked about what's working, what's not, what needs to improve, who is serving with us and how faithful our volunteers are! again, great boundaries, everything was on the table - like i said, a healthy talk.

want to say that my prayer is that our children's ministry (and our church as well) will move from this season to a season of plenty - gotta admit, sometimes it is hard finding all the right people to serve in all the right places - really sensed God is moving us to a season of "more than enough" (His word to me in prayer today!) - mark this post, GOD IS MOVING US TO A SEASON OF MORE THAN ENOUGH TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THAT HE WANTS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,
You are awesome! I appreciate you heart for ministry.

Your loving wife,

Anonymous said...

ok I wanted to leave a less biased comment!?!?...but you are great at what you do, don't ever let the enemy or failure in one area or another let you lose your passion and have great purpose don't lose that!!!

Your friend