descent into the blogosphere...again...

back from a week of rest, fun, hanging with the big mouse in much going on, here's a quick review of what i'm facing

  • sorted through the 120+ emails this morning
  • now have about 90 posts from bloglines that i've marked as 'go back and read' - i sorted through them all and narrowed it down to 90 (meant to be sarcastically funny!)
  • haven't touched the voice mail messages - if you're reading this and you left me one, i'll hit it tomorrow
  • have a braves game to see this week...
  • have shopping that i have to do to prep for project go - looking forward to taking 5 3-5th graders on a missions trip soon - i'm doing the cooking, they're doing the eating, ya'll do the praying (not meant to be sarcastically funny!)
  • business meeting on saturday for the denom i'm a part of...hmmmmmmm
  • several posts that i want to do in reflection of the past week...maybe later this week (or tonight...), also, several (of the 90...hahahaha) that i want to link to here that are worth you checking out - stay tuned

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