blogging by bullets (again)

so much on my mind that i want to post, not enough time in the day so here it goes in skeletal format...
  • i'm glad my wife is home...i don't do well without her - she definitely completes me! she was away for a 3 day teacher training and i missed her terribly. glad she had some time away, some time with adult ladies where they could pamper themselves to cheesecake factory and the other niceties of buckhead, but REALLY glad she's home
  • the kids and i made it own our own just fine - thanks for the prayers! i triple booked myself this week with her being gone, mega sports camp and preaching this sunday...actually, it wasn't that bad...i think we managed ok and i still got a couple things done around the house.
  • mega sports camp was great. it was kristin and shawna's first big summer event and they did an incredible job of putting it together. we had plenty of volunteers and everyone was needed. the kids had a blast and so did the adults. there are a few tweaks we'll make next year and we'll be talking about those in the days ahead, but by and large it was a success! way to go K & S and COTN volunteers!
  • i don't have an iphone...not sure if i will...but i've got to have a new phone soon...leaning heavily toward the blackberry curve - i've simply got to have something that can pull my calendar and contacts together, email will be a bonus
  • the kids are out swimming today and i'm finalizing my sermon...for me, finalizing means that i pray through it first, then speak through it at least twice - i like to know my manuscript or outline (outline this time) really well
  • middle schoolers came back in fired up, i'm looking forward to some added energy in the crowd tomorrow. they had a GREAT camp and i plan to spotlight them and give them props tomorrow - glad to be a part of the A/G - they have SO much more to offer in the way of to get more of our kids into the camp - last year my son went and it was amazing...
  • speaking of my son, he came back from pow-wow feeling like he's called to do missionary work. he said God showed him a couple of places that he feels like he's supposed to go and tell about Jesus - that stinkin' fires me up! i love what God can do and does do with kids and teens - God make us old folks as open to You as they are.
  • speaking of pow-wow, and kids' ministry, it's amazing what God is doing in our children's ministry areas - there have been so many answers to prayer in the past few weeks that i'm blown away - i really feel like God is positioning us to move UP to the next level in terms of ministry to our children - hang on!
  • mark richt and family just returned from honduras on a missions trip - i love his boldness, he said in a radio interview, "we wanted to spread the Gospel" - i love that!

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