bloggin by bullets

here's a recap of the some of the 90 posts that i went through this evening that i felt were worth passing along...
  • tony recapped an article about longevity
  • mark has a great post about acts2 vs. acts17 - check it out and evaluate! mark also has this one about life mottos - my favs from mark are: 'playing it safe is risky' (see below); 'everything is an experiment'
  • brian has a great post about leadership lessons learned...
  • perry posts something every pastor needs to reflect on - my fav statement..."One of the realities that a pastor must face is that the church is the only mistress that he can commit adultery with and not be looked down upon. The church will cheer the hard working pastor, the one who is at every meeting and does it all…and then that same church will throw stones at the one they hailed as a hero when his marriage falls apart OR his kids become hellions. Pastors, you are the ONLY ONE who can love YOUR wife like CHRIST loves church!!! AND you are the one GOD has called to raise your kids." Also like, "we are NOT called to play it safe! One of the things we are called to do is ADVANCE God’s kingdom…and that means we will always be heading into unknown territory."
  • this is really cool - can't wait till it's affordable!

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Jeff Smith said...

When you order your MS Surface, order me a couple.

That was really cool.