blogging by bullets (again)

so much on my mind that i want to post, not enough time in the day so here it goes in skeletal format...
  • i'm glad my wife is home...i don't do well without her - she definitely completes me! she was away for a 3 day teacher training and i missed her terribly. glad she had some time away, some time with adult ladies where they could pamper themselves to cheesecake factory and the other niceties of buckhead, but REALLY glad she's home
  • the kids and i made it own our own just fine - thanks for the prayers! i triple booked myself this week with her being gone, mega sports camp and preaching this sunday...actually, it wasn't that bad...i think we managed ok and i still got a couple things done around the house.
  • mega sports camp was great. it was kristin and shawna's first big summer event and they did an incredible job of putting it together. we had plenty of volunteers and everyone was needed. the kids had a blast and so did the adults. there are a few tweaks we'll make next year and we'll be talking about those in the days ahead, but by and large it was a success! way to go K & S and COTN volunteers!
  • i don't have an iphone...not sure if i will...but i've got to have a new phone soon...leaning heavily toward the blackberry curve - i've simply got to have something that can pull my calendar and contacts together, email will be a bonus
  • the kids are out swimming today and i'm finalizing my sermon...for me, finalizing means that i pray through it first, then speak through it at least twice - i like to know my manuscript or outline (outline this time) really well
  • middle schoolers came back in fired up, i'm looking forward to some added energy in the crowd tomorrow. they had a GREAT camp and i plan to spotlight them and give them props tomorrow - glad to be a part of the A/G - they have SO much more to offer in the way of to get more of our kids into the camp - last year my son went and it was amazing...
  • speaking of my son, he came back from pow-wow feeling like he's called to do missionary work. he said God showed him a couple of places that he feels like he's supposed to go and tell about Jesus - that stinkin' fires me up! i love what God can do and does do with kids and teens - God make us old folks as open to You as they are.
  • speaking of pow-wow, and kids' ministry, it's amazing what God is doing in our children's ministry areas - there have been so many answers to prayer in the past few weeks that i'm blown away - i really feel like God is positioning us to move UP to the next level in terms of ministry to our children - hang on!
  • mark richt and family just returned from honduras on a missions trip - i love his boldness, he said in a radio interview, "we wanted to spread the Gospel" - i love that!

kool aid

it's come to my attention that two of my closest friends have drank/drinkin/drunk the apple kool aid...they are terrible close to going to the dark side...what's the world coming to?

the pieces are coming together...

preaching this week and i've been assigned a topic...this is not an unusual situation in large churches that use a lot of sermon series and work pretty far in, months and months in advance. some would think this is perhaps 'unspiritual' or something similar - i think not! see, the holy spirit can easily speak to me or a group of people several weeks in advance or on the spot, he's not boxed in by our is, however, a challenge for me - i tend to never think a sermon is 'done' until i'm 'done' delivering it...i'm constantly having to review things, think things through and re-evaluate's a challenge!

anyway, the pieces are coming together, i have my direction, my outline and yes, i have prayed...btw, that's the first part! here's the thing that always amazes me...this week, i have the God-given opportunity to present His Word and direction for our church - that's an amazing and AWEsome responsibility that i DON'T take lightly...i embrace it! i like what batterson says, 'pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on me' - that's a pretty good guide for most of what we do in life!

one final thing about speaking and preaching...i taught the preschoolers last night, not sure if they got anything out of it except that pastor rick let's them scream a lot (and they do an excellent job!) - just so you know, i'm way more comfortable ministering to adults and youth than i am kids/preschoolers - people don't realize it, but they have the power to take the world over - we have to beware of the preschoolers...ok, i'm just kidding, let's just say i know where my calling is NOT! (and so do they and all the adults watching me last night...:)


today goes down in, my daughter swam for the first time by herself! YEA!!!


we're two days into our MEGASports CAMP and i gotta tell you...i'm really impressed with how well it's going!

what amazes me most - and brings me the most gratitude and appreciation for our Heavenly Father and His Body - is the volunteers that have stepped up to serve - we have at least 30 people that have sacrificed their evenings this week to minister to children...for all you volunteers, a HUGE thanks goes out to you...your enthusiasm and heart are most impressive and pure in your ministry - you guys simply ROCK! Thanks!!!!

on being challenged...

love it when i get challenged...happened to me twice today...once from a good friend (thanks btw) and once by this quote again as i thought about it again...(this is from craig groeschel, pastor of
"The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be may be the painful decision you refuse to make."

open source

newspring announces (via tony) that they too are going open source on all their support and frontline resources...that means: videos intros, sermon outlines, sermons, graphics, ministry documents are all available for FREE online at - way to go guys...

i love it when other ministries loose the territorial mindset and seek to be a benefit to the Body of Christ as a whole - again, way to go guys!

little changes

found a way to have my bloglines blogroll imported directly into my blog so i took advantage of it...also, streamlined and deleted some blogs that i don't pay much attention to or that are inactive...

so, if you're looking for other blog sources, you can see on the right which ones i follow...have a nice day!

great answer mike!

redneck icecream truck

Enjoyed some family time at with the family today at my inlaws...funny we're eating supper my sister in law springs out of her seat to chase the icecream truck...this particular icecram truck plays Oh Come All Ye Faithful as it drives down the stret-didn't hear it today unfortunately! They also play Silent Night. That's redneck for you! Gotta love north Georgia.


Test post


just finished watching a 20 minute vid of the iphone - really cool looking phone...

gotta be honest, this is an amazing phone...i see one potential seems that it's calendar app is going to sync only with apple's calendar app (perhaps i'm wrong), if this is the case, they're going to keep a lot of pc users (especially business users) away...

the big bonus...the iphone (according to the 20 minute vid) sports some of the greatest ringtones...stuff like 'sci fi' and 'crickets' - WOW!!! mean i can spend $600 to have my phone sound like crickets? come on apple and at&t, at least demo some better ring tones...i think just for fun i'll take my nokia 6340i in and see if the sci fi ring tones match up to the new sci fi...ok, sarcasm aside, apple did a terrible job on that part of the video (only a few seconds) in promoting ring tones, and at&t should banish all ring tones that are over 2 years old...

aside from the above criticism, the two things left to be determined are call quality and rf reception - time will tell!

bounds on prayer

our worship pastor sent me this link today...

here's a quote from it... "The preacher's sharpest and strongest preaching should be to himself. His most difficult, delicate, laborious, and thorough work must be with himself."

just a reminder to everyone about myself (and yourself)...we're a work in progress!

one last post about father's day service

these are some thoughts about what we did well in our father's day service...
  • testimonies – testimonies keep it real for real people – they let people share their experiences.. they also let attendees understand that not everyone has ‘it together’ but that there's a God who cares...they connect the Gospel to real people
  • video – this is an incredible tool to reach our younger generation
  • background images – they were easy for the guys to relate to
  • song choice – guys liked the songs, know what? so did the ladies from what i could tell.
  • humor – humor is a form of entertainment – entertainment simply means to hold one’s attention
  • change – we changed up the service…change is a good thing because it combats predictability.
  • challenge – the challenge at the end was great…I think that leaving people with a strong challenge to ‘do something about it’ is always a good thing
  • men's choir - the men's choir was the strongest it's ever been and they did an incredible job of leading us in worship

what i love about my wife #1

she told me this morning that yesterday morning she watched mike & mike in the morning on espn2 - i love that!

a ministry of excellence

had a meeting yesterday with key leaders in our church where the topic was 'developing a ministry of excellence' - just wanted to share one tidbit that our sr. pastor (pastor mel) shared...(this is my mostly my rephrasing his words here)...

"in order to have a ministry of excellence, we first have to have an environment of excellence"

let me just add, in order to have a environment of excellence, their first must be an expectation of excellence!

reaching men

gotta be honest, one of the things that i loved about yesterday's service @ cotn was the intentionality put into reaching men. the dirt bike, the chain saws, the fishing poles - all of it communicates and connects with men.

isn't this what Jesus did? didn't he tell use parables that communicated with the people of his day? didn't he asses the situation, the crowd, the need, before he communicated?

let me state something that i recently heard - 'in order to flow in the prophetic, one of the first things we must do is look at who God has brought together' - that's a powerful statement and one every minister/leader/teacher/Christian would do well to think of first - before speaking!

domain name

i've had one person ask so i'm going to go ahead and let everyone know, it's really easy to reserve your own domain name. before pulling the trigger i checked a few different sources for domain names (yes, i checked godaddy, but their ads during the super bowl and their prices both kept me away) - anyway, i ended up using a site called 1and1 - here's a link if you want to check it out.

then, i set up my blogger account so that the domain name ( points to to my blogger blog - really easy and took me a total of a couple of hours to set up and go with.

on the radar

just wanted to pass along some great reading from other bloggers that you've got to check out:
  • mark batterson shares a quote from Best Life magazine that challenges me: The only thing worse than not having the skills you need to meet your challenges is not having challenges big enough to summon all of your skills.
  • also, batterson shares about vulnerability in ministry: i like points#: 4,6,7 and 9
  • tony morgan shares 6 leadership development points that are ALL spot on!
  • chris and todd both offer recaps of our father's day service @ cotn - chris' also includes links to the vid's should you wish to review them again - good stuff guys!
  • mark driscoll shares some staggering and sobbering stats about pastors - you NEED to read this, then pray for your pastor(s) and their families EVERY day! these stats don't lie...
  • apple has released the safari web browser for use on microsoft systems - apple claims that their browser is up to (key words there...'up to') 2 times faster than IE7 and 'up to' 1.6 times faster than firefox (the new browser of choice) - what's this mean? there's no excuse for using IE any longer...
  • finally, guy kawasaki has a great recap for people that speak in public either through performance or presentation - #4 really works (try it...i'll use this next time i need to) and #9 is a great tool for communicating

just show up

was talking with one of our leaders this morning about ministry...gotta be candid here, when we went on the project Go trip this past week, i was totally ready to let this be the last trip we make. no real major reasons, no disappointment, just ready to let it go - then something me. i showed up.

here's the thing with ministry...sometimes we just don't feel like doing it. ok, maybe you're super spiritual, or more spiritual than i, but i gotta be honest here, sometimes i just don't want to - glad i'm not the only one that doesn't want to sometimes though...

as i was talking with this ministry leader, he recalled how every time when he doesn't want to be there or sometimes when he just doesn't feel like he's quite ready or got his best 'stuff' God shows up and does something either in him or someone else - what's it take?

you just need to show up!

rockin' stage!

gotta say, our stage looks awesome today!

in celebration of it being father's day (and 'man day') we've got on stage: a dirt bike, several chain saws, hockey sticks, fishing poles, fishing nets, dawg jerseys and in the back of the sanctuary...a huge touring bike! oh yea, we also had a pulpit made out of wheels that had been welded together - way to go guys!

i love creativity! God is a creative God (read Genesis 1-2) - too bad we start out life creating and dreaming and too often as we get older we start criticizing and doubting...not today baby!

why all the extra tlc into today's sermon...because we've got to reach, we just need to transfer this passion and creativity into an ongoing process to reach the nations...i love my church.

Project GO!

got in a few hours ago from project go

for those that don't know, pg is a kid's missions trip. it is specifically for select 3rd-6th graders and involves them doing the ministry (a kid's crusade) in a church. the a/g have been using this in georgia to help new churches or urbanc churches. this is the second year they've done them and the second year that we (my family) have participated. this year, however, we also took along 4 other kids (total of 6 from our church that ministered) - wow! what a blast we had.

my main goal in going is to cook and serve the team. let me digress - i do this because it's totally unlike anything i do all year long(well, yes, i do cook at home sometimes) - but this is a different situation. we had almost 30 people on the trip this year (29 to be exact) and they were from as far south as blackshear, ga. why do i take a week away from our church to serve? because it's healthy for me as a leader and a christian. i don't serve in any camps (used too), i don't go out of the country on mission's trips (want to, but we have other guys that go) so i do this and it's always such a great blessing. gotta admit, before we left, my wife and i said this would be our last one...we changed our mind. i'm always amazed at the kids and the way God uses them. we saw about 30 people saved or recommit their life to Christ during the 3 night crusade. we were hosted by another a/g church (dalton first a/g - dalton, ga) and they were gracious to let a bunch of kids and adults come and crash at their location, use their electricity and water and receive no direct benefit - although they will indirectly. we prayed for pastor miller and his church before we left that God would bless them immediately for their sacrifice and excellence. we did outreach for "the sanctuary" also in dalton (notice to a/g churches in the same city partnering together...that's how the kingdom works!). pastor eric and his team are doing a great job at establishing a foundation for future growth. they've got a great location and they are continuing to reach out to others - their vision is for the family! pray for the sanctuary and pastor eric as they move forward in this church plant - they've only been going about 3 or 4 months now and are expecting God to do powerful things. gotta say, i love the a/g and what they're doing!

well, time to head to bed, father's day is tomorrow at COTN and i can't wait to be with our people...

those that go before us

i just got in from a lot of meetings this week with the denomination i'm a part of - gotta say, this year was one of the best. the teaching line up, while not world renowned, nor world famous, they are all world changers - i've been blessed this week. today was the annual 'business session' - it's a love-hate thing, i hate going, i love leaving. but today, the thought really struck me as a scanned the crowd - there are a lot of guys (and ladies) that have gone before me to pave the way to where we are today. i hope i never get critical or cynical because of a person's age, tenure in ministry, longevity at a church, or length of credentialing - truly, they served God in their generation (and still do!), it's my responsibility to receive the baton and serve God in my generation...

to those that have gone before me, my gratitude is expressed and my prayer is that you'll continue to be a trail-blazer in year's to come - may i do the same...

link love

wanted to share a few friday afternoon links of some of the best of the best that i've come across this week...i know some of you don't use bloglines or google reader, so here are some things that i came across this week that i enjoyed...their pretty random...

  • mark shares the real reason they're pulling the plug on one of their services - here's what i love: the fact that they aren't afraid to evaluate things for results!
  • mark also shares his life goals - gotta admit, i don't have a list of life goals (i have some internally, just not listed on paper) - am i the only one? (let me know) - something i feel like i should do...maybe i will
  • brad has a great post of a podcast he recently listened this
  • church relevance has an article about text messaging...fwiw, this is the primary means of communication today for younger generations...will we as a church embrace this? or will we miss this boat?
  • church relevance also has an article that recaps kevin kelley's talk at Q a couple of months ago one what the future of christianity looks like...bottom line, the best article i read all week - another bottom line... we can't let unbelievers shape and dictate what the church will look like 13 generations from now (that's 1000 years!) - we affect the generations, we must be like david who served God in his generation


quick post to share some truth with you...take this and let it sink into your spirit...

God has revelation for your situation!

perhaps you've heard that, don't know what your 'situation' is - i know what mine is/are - i also know that as a Spirit-filled believer, i have revelation available to me that will help me with my situation - i don't have to worry about making the wrong decision, i just have to let God make the decision and follow it...amazing thing about leadership, it's really easy when God directs, the hard thing, for me especially, is to trust God and let God - too often i want to do it on my own...let it sink into your spirit...have a great weekend

few minutes and traveling back in time

got a few before a meeting...wanted to download some quick thoughts...

  • went to the braves game last night - they lost, end of story...
  • went to 'campmeeting' - our annual conference for the denom i'm a part of...good sessions today. garnet pike taught today - love him. he was the dean of the school where i got my masters - great man, sensitive to the Spirit of God - love that. he took us back to the basics of who we are as a pentecostal denom - that is, being spirit-filled...great teaching - if you have questions, his book (Receiving the Promise of the Father) is by far the best and easiest read on being spirit-filled - astounding and disturbing stat of the day: only 5% of spirit-filled believers pray in the spirit daily - wow - not good - God gives us that ability to pray the will of the Father - we need to use it!
  • i'll be at campmeeting a few more times this week for the school of ministry. ran into some old ministry cohorts...always great to reconnect. one guy's name, matt bennett, and i were good friends in school - he's traveled the world in missions and is now relocated to okc - good for him and his family.
  • got a chance to meet the 'new' (although he's been there a year) campus pastor for EC (Emmanuel College) - chris maxwell - great guy, hope to continue to build relationship with him and some of the folks at EC once again, been 16 years since i left - man that college is getting old, glad i'm not! anyway, check out chris' site, he's done a lot in the areas of leadership and comes from the a/g church as well, although originally i think he was IPHC.
  • listened to lou engle's cd regarding "the call" going on in nashville next month - man, i want to go - so much of what he says resonates with me. love his heart and ministry...praying about the possibility of going...
  • learning a lot about the importance of communication in ministry - in fact, i think it's THE priority - going to post about it later when the thoughts finish developing...
  • had lunch today at the new lifesprings cafe (featugin jittery joe's coffee...good!) - how i am, in a local, very rural bookstore and they have a cafe/coffee shop - sat near a guy that looked like charlie daniels - kept waiting for the fiddle to come out and devil went down to georgia to start filling the atmosphere - very different from 16 years ago when i was there and coffee shops didn't exist...change is indeed good (and so is jittery joes)

great day

just a quick post about today - we had staff meeting, we talked about pressure points - what are the points of pressure for each of us?...took the time to go around the room and discuss where we were - of course, because we are all individuals, we all had different ones...won't share mine here, why? because following that discussion we had a time of worship and prayer where we each released them to God - so, i don't have mine anymore...

followed up by a great meeting with shawna and kristin - great talk! these ladies are leading the charge on our megasports camp and doing a fantastic job! i applaud their leadership and their embracing this ministry totally! we talked about that and some other ministries pertaining to children - it was a healthy talk - we talked about what's working, what's not, what needs to improve, who is serving with us and how faithful our volunteers are! again, great boundaries, everything was on the table - like i said, a healthy talk.

want to say that my prayer is that our children's ministry (and our church as well) will move from this season to a season of plenty - gotta admit, sometimes it is hard finding all the right people to serve in all the right places - really sensed God is moving us to a season of "more than enough" (His word to me in prayer today!) - mark this post, GOD IS MOVING US TO A SEASON OF MORE THAN ENOUGH TO ACCOMPLISH ALL THAT HE WANTS!!!

the money is rolling in

just got a check from a retailer that i once worked for...won't mention the name, just that it's the largest one in the world...i was an electronics manager (among other things...personnel manager, risk management, etc.) - anyway, seems they made an error in determining my payroll at one point in time and they sent me the money to make up the difference...$2.54 (after taxes!, before it was almost $3)!

seriously, they evaluated, they made an error and they made it right - more than most of us do! I'm not taking this for granted...that's almost 1/2 a s'bux drink! wooohoooo!

giving God the finger

challenging title, challenging post!

i've labored over this post for a couple of days because i wanted to make sure my heart was right and i totally understood the misunderstanding that may come along with, here it goes...

when i got back from my vacation i had a ton of mail (the old-fashioned kind that shows up at your house in a tin box) - most of it was junk mail (sale ads, etc), some of it was useful though. one piece that i always love to read is a little known church planter's magazine called "cutting edge" - it's published by the folks in the vineyard church and it's quarterly so it doesn't bother me to sit down and read it all because i know they've done a great job of putting it together - bonus, it has some of the best looking graphics of any mag that i read...

this month's issue featured an article/interview with david goetz. goetz wrote a book a called "Death by Suburb" in which the basic premise is this: the environment of the suburbs is unique and there are certain toxins that come with living there. however, it's not because the suburbs are 'bad' - the problem is that they are 'good' - too good in fact. overly good, always getting 'gooder' - always striving to be the 'goodest' (i know, the word is 'best' - just go along with me here).

here's the toxin found in the above - satisfaction and contentment are never realized! along with the suburbs comes the compelling rat race of what used to be called 'keeping up with the joneses'...getting one suv isn't enough, now it must be two; playing baseball isn't enough, now it must be the travel team that flies all over the country trying to win championships and robs children of their youth (fwiw, i played on a soccer travel team, i never flew, it was fun, i was still able to be a kid); having one home isn't enough, now you must own a lakehouse, a cabin in the mountains and a time share in orlando...the question is this...when is 'it' ever enough? when do we stop to realize that perhaps what we currently have is what God wants us to have (or, maybe even less than what we have!).

goetz makes the statement (and this is the genesis for this's his words, but, yes, i am repeating them here)... So in this kind of environment, you begin to think, “This is the way the world is.” Getting more money, more stuff, moving up the ladder. And you begin to say, “Why don’t I have these things?” And you begin to think, “I want my neighbor’s life. I want his house, his wife, his yard.” And it’s like giving God the finger. We find ourselves increasingly in a lifestyle of ingratitude, deep discontentment, and destroyed marriages." (read the entire article here beginning on page 2).

as we move forward in the body of Christ with understanding the mission of the church, there's a lot of emphasis placed on the 'forgotten places' - those are the places where the crack houses are, the pimps and prostitutes rule the street, the gangs operate their empires and the homeless are abandoned to live - the inner city. there needs to be a lot of emphasis on this as a part of our mission - Christ demands that we not forget that part of our society. however,there also needs to be a focus on the suburbs and the need for new churches in the burbs. having been a part of one church plant in the suburbs (really, more rural but transitioning to suburbia) and now serving in a church and living in a city that are considered suburbs, there needs to be an awakening to the need for new churches, more outreach, more truth and more focus on the burbs - it is, after all, where much of america is moving. i encourage you to take a look at the 8 toxins that goetz identifies and the corresponding solutions - good stuff!

one final quote from this interview that resonates with something mark batterson talks about a lot in his blog ... "But there are a lot of ways to do creative ministry in the suburbs. Not everything has been tried yet."

the truth is, most of us in suburbia are blessed way beyond the last generation (not saying that's a bad thing, I'm not a 'prosperity preacher' nor am i a 'dirt-poor' preacher), it's time for us to once again develop a sense of gratitude and contentment, time for us to once again focus on our family (not the one next door or down the street), time for us to be mom and dad (rather than chauffeur and atm), time for us to go counter-culture by establishing that life is much more that accumulating and our accumulations - time for us to stop giving God the finger!

vacation recap

just want to recap, mainly for me and for the future, the vacation and some realizations that i had while away with my family...
  • i love my wife and kids! can't say it family is my first ministry! i have an awesome wife who is full of grace, dignity, love and is a real joy to be around. my kids are growing and changing! my son is moving to the 'adventure' phase of kid-dom. it's the phase where the little kids' rides are ok, but give him a coaster any day! my daughter is growing and developing quite a sense of humor - we think that's good, time will tell! plus, she's beginning to like!
  • some hilarious moments: my son walked into the ladies room at a store that we stopped at for a potty break, he was extremely embarrassed, but he's a great person and able to laugh at life and the mistakes we make...he cracked up telling me about it
  • my daughter is too much like her dad...while on vacation she was reading 4 books at once and could tell you where she was and what was going on - pretty amazing for a 6 year old!
  • chevy's is my favorite mexican resturant of all time - they live up to the fresh-mex slogan they have - wish there was one in georgia - if you go, order the table-side guac - simply the best guacamole ever!
  • we ate at uno's - chicago style pizza and steak - had the pizza and it was the real deal - chicago style pizza baby! best since visiting the windy city a couple of years ago
  • we laughed a lot! - my son thought a gazebo was a place that clarinet players went to go play clarinets - funny!
  • saw my cousin (eric) get married to vanessa in a beach side ceremony - really cool and really short - i like short weddings! then we went into the reception room and enjoyed some food and drink (coffee for the womack clan!)
  • got a chance to hang out for a few minutes on my other cousin's sailboat...she and her boyfriend are going to set sail for the bahamas on their 41 foot sail boat any day now - certainly not for me, but kind of neat to check out, never been on a sail boat like!
  • had a chance to spend a little time with 'the memaw' - that's our affectionate name for my dad's mom - she's a great woman who's offered up many prayers (and still does) for all of her grandchildren and her family. interesting point, since my great grandfather there have been over 20 people involved in ministry (he was a methodist pastor) - cool to see the generational blessing flow - great to know that my salvation and protection is a direct result of many prayers of both of my grandmothers.
  • disney is clean! really clean! amazingly clean! i love that place - my wife and i want to retire there just to work because it looks like fun! the people actually enjoy their job.
  • the toll booth's stink...but it does make for quick trips...
  • glad i don't live in s. ga. or n. fl. - the smoke from all the fires was unbelievable...
  • i read a grisham novel - going to make it a point to read more fiction this year - at least a few novels a year to disengage the mind from churchy stuff and enjoy some mental diversion - grisham's one of my favorite writers
  • florida has WAY more country stations than i ever remember as a kid - what up w/that? not bad, i actually dig some country...
  • my son was going to learn to surf but the undercurrent was way too bad - in brevard county, where i grew up, the lifeguards rescued over 200 people!
  • my daughter worked on her 'kickers' and 'diggers' - she's in the middle of swim lessons and these are the terms they use - brilliant! be glad when she finally catches on and is able to on her own - will make me feel much better...until the, she can still swim with daddy

bloggin by bullets

here's a recap of the some of the 90 posts that i went through this evening that i felt were worth passing along...
  • tony recapped an article about longevity
  • mark has a great post about acts2 vs. acts17 - check it out and evaluate! mark also has this one about life mottos - my favs from mark are: 'playing it safe is risky' (see below); 'everything is an experiment'
  • brian has a great post about leadership lessons learned...
  • perry posts something every pastor needs to reflect on - my fav statement..."One of the realities that a pastor must face is that the church is the only mistress that he can commit adultery with and not be looked down upon. The church will cheer the hard working pastor, the one who is at every meeting and does it all…and then that same church will throw stones at the one they hailed as a hero when his marriage falls apart OR his kids become hellions. Pastors, you are the ONLY ONE who can love YOUR wife like CHRIST loves church!!! AND you are the one GOD has called to raise your kids." Also like, "we are NOT called to play it safe! One of the things we are called to do is ADVANCE God’s kingdom…and that means we will always be heading into unknown territory."
  • this is really cool - can't wait till it's affordable!

top 5 rides at disney world

  1. space mountain - still a classic
  2. big thunder mountain - always loved it, now my daughter does! a huge milestone - she's never like roller coasters
  3. expedition everest - the best coaster i've ever ridden (better than the hulk at universal) - full of surprises!
  4. aerosmith's rockin' roller coaster - great coaster, great tunes, really fun! lots of neon, why am i not surprised
  5. it's a small world - we actually didn't ride this one this time, don't know why, but we heard the song on another ride and it brought all the memories of ridding it growing up as a kid - this is a classic as well!

vacation shut down...

top 5 things to do while on vacation:
  1. don't check email - by far, the easiest to give into but if you do, you'll find someone that 'needs' you right away - when i left georgia, i left email too! best thing i did!
  2. use your cell for family purposes only - that's right screen every call, still have calls that i don't know who they were from because i didn't have the number, didn't recognize the number and they didn't leave a message - cool with me!
  3. shut down mentally - i took a grisham book with me because i knew that if i took a 'churchy' book, i'd be reading for reconnaissance - not allowed on vacation - all of my down time (which wasn't much) was spent reading 357 pages of grisham
  4. remain flexible - we had one day that was a 'rain day' (which was also our last day there and our built in 'recover-from-walking-all-around-mickey-land-day'). when it rained that afternoon (after the pool) we went to chevy's (the best tasting mexican food i know of), then too wal mart for souvenier shopping (yes, authentic walt disney merchandise at wal mart that was about 1/3 the cost of the same product in the parks) and then off to see shrek the 3rd - we kept it fluid (in honor of the rain coming down...tropical storm barry) and we kept it fun!
  5. look for fun, say 'yes' more than you say 'no' and build memories - the most important is saved for last! - we had more fun than ever, we said 'yes' to our kids more than we said 'no' and we built plenty of memories to last a lifetime, without going broke!

descent into the blogosphere...again...

back from a week of rest, fun, hanging with the big mouse in much going on, here's a quick review of what i'm facing

  • sorted through the 120+ emails this morning
  • now have about 90 posts from bloglines that i've marked as 'go back and read' - i sorted through them all and narrowed it down to 90 (meant to be sarcastically funny!)
  • haven't touched the voice mail messages - if you're reading this and you left me one, i'll hit it tomorrow
  • have a braves game to see this week...
  • have shopping that i have to do to prep for project go - looking forward to taking 5 3-5th graders on a missions trip soon - i'm doing the cooking, they're doing the eating, ya'll do the praying (not meant to be sarcastically funny!)
  • business meeting on saturday for the denom i'm a part of...hmmmmmmm
  • several posts that i want to do in reflection of the past week...maybe later this week (or tonight...), also, several (of the 90...hahahaha) that i want to link to here that are worth you checking out - stay tuned