who are you talking to?

was sitting in the chair a couple of days getting my son was with me...the lady (casey) and josh were talking...she asked him if 'he got the memo?' about something...he said, 'what?'...then it hit me - he doesn't know what a 'memo' is...he has no idea what that phrase means...

had she said, 'did you get the email?' he might have understood, but then again, that's so my generation...had she said, 'did you get my text' and he would've known immediately what she meant...or, did you get my myspace or facebook?

made me think, just how much of what we communicate is relative to my generation and not the next? how much of what i communicate is phrased around my comfort zone of me rather than the listener - it's an easy thing to do...we just forget sometimes

regarding the gospel...the message is timeless, the method and the verbiage is not...think about it...let me know what you think...what else do you say that most 11-13 year olds wouldn't understand?


Debbie C. said...

Oh yeah. I totally understand what you are saying. In fact, we have a standing joke with our kids about all the new "lingo" out there. Examples: "buff" "random" "fly" I have heard my kids use these words repeatedly and in a totally different context than I am used to hearing. You're right and I'm thankful that the Gospel is culturally relevant today and always.

Anonymous said...

Scott and I had a similar discussion after re-watching the Sinbad "Afros & Bellbottoms" show not long ago.
Kids today don't have much of a clue about 8-Tracks, records, or cassette tapes. One day I told Catlyn she sounded like a "broken record" and her response was "Huh"?
I remember in Jr. High, the first time I heard a girl say a guy was "Fine", I thought, "I wonder what happened to him? I'm glad he's ok." Duh!