dedicated to my sweetheart

i know what you're thinking, sweetheart must be my wife - well, she is, of course!

but along with my wife i also inherited a new family (some call them, 'the in-laws'...mine are family!)...when my wife and i met, her mom (whom i've always called 'mama') was pregnant with her 3rd daughter. well, tonight she graduates from high-school and will soon begin a new season of life in college (right now as a middle-grades education major...must run in the family, all 3 girls are/will be teachers).

i just want to say how proud i am of her - she's a beautiful young lady that loves God with all of her heart and all of her life - the beauty begins inside of her with her relationship (meant to be spelled that way) with God and emanates outward...she's like a sister to me and i'm like a brother...i was the first one like a brother, now she has 2 since both of her sisters are married.

just a shout out to say that we believe in you, we love you and we're always here for you...and yes, you're still me sweetheart!

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