time to clean house

been reading and re-reading these posts lately...

GREAT series of posts by craig groeschel regarding leadership:
  • 1st post deals with how to find leaders - bottom line: you don't, you develop them!
  • 2nd post deals with leadership culture - bottom line: it starts with you (or me) - not someone else!
  • 3rd post deals with leadership qualities - bottom line: gotta gave relationship!
tony morgan has a great post about self-leadership - something i'm realizing more and more the importance of - great leaders lead themselves in great ways before attempting to lead others

travis johnson challenges in this post - i just about want to cut and paste it all into this post because it's so stinkin good - but i won't, here's a tidbit - GO read the rest - "I would never personally pick a fight with someone smaller than me but, I support the right of others to do so."

because i'm now the pastoral staff person responsible the overall direction of the children's ministries, i'm doing more blog reading of other children's pastors and leaders - this post by elevation church is great and got me thinking...

this post by kem from gcc was one of the most 'in my face' posts i've read - i can identify with some of her statements here - i'm not sure where this church was, but i think i've been there - if you read nothing else, read this one! we have GOT to be allowed to be challenged in the way we see things, do things, think things, etc - familiarity in any setting can be the most lethal weapon used against us - familiarity in a marriage causes people to take advantage of each other and assume for each other (dangerous stuff!) - familiarity in a church can paralyze a person from seeing things as a guest does or someone that God is bringing for you to reach out to - here's a snippet from kem - "Dear Pastors, Church leaders and Ministry servants. Do not fear the wrath of the members. Fear the thought of people who will live an eternity without experiencing Christ." gotcha thinking?

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to my post. I think more and more, we shy away from political conversations as pastors (with good reason). With full determination to continue doing that, I think we still need to speak out against injustice by speaking for those who cannot speak for or defend themselves.

Again, thanks.