thoughts on being a dad

this one will probably be a sentimental post - tomorrow morning my daughter graduates from kindergarten - man, time flies...seems like just last year she was born, i went to second shift, stayed at home with her during the day and mom had her at night - that was a long few months - i missed my son and my wife, but i spent the first few months of her life with her - it was, she spent the day with me, she wanted to be checked out early, so i did it - got to take EVERY chance you get as a dad because one day i won't be around her as much...i'm making deposits into her life every chance i get so that she grows up loving God and living for Him.

same goes for josh - he'll be heading into 7th grade and it's tough to swallow that pill - where did these years go - how'd they get by me SO quickly. still remember being the one to get him to the daycare or babysitter when he was an infant and a toddler, i remember the time taking him to the babysitter in west virginia and my car began sliding all over the mountain road on a sheet of ice - obviously, didn't care about the car, just the kid. in just a few short years i'll be taking him out to learn to navigate the roadways for'll be here sooner than i want! he's growing, becoming a young man, experiencing so much, learning so much, asking a lot of questions - i'm just really thankful that patrice and i have built a culture of communication

well, time to get some rest, going to be a long day tomorrow - i love my kids!

dads, if you're reading this and your a dad, there's perhaps no greater opportunity to make disciples than with your children - teach them to love the Lord your God with all their heart - read and re-read Deut. 6:1-9 - there's a ton that STILL applies to us dads...if you need to be encouraged, if you need prayer in this area, if you just need someone to bounce off of or vent to, please, don't hesitate to drop me an "e" or call... rickwomack[at]gmail[dot]com


Larry Underwood said...

Hey Rick!! Nice blog, I'll link it to mine.

See Ya Around,

Larry Underwood

Jeff Smith said...

Very sweet. I share those deep "dad" feelings with my children. Nice post.

On the flip side - YOU'RE GETTING OLD!

love ya buddy