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travis has tagged me with a suggestion that we: 1) say something awesome about our volunteers; and, 2.) tag five others and encourage them to do the same...

so, here goes, i thought about saying something like, 'our volunteers' can beat up your volunteers' but then i re-thought the entire deal...i recently posted about it just a few days ago, but it was lengthy, so this afternoon i'll boil it down and pass it own

'get it' - that's the phrase that i'll use in regard to our volunteers...our volunteers simply get it! i was thinking about them as i was out cutting grass and cutting down trees today - they work a 40 (or more!), then they show up on sunday and/or wednesday (or some other day) and POUR themselves out...for what? because they get it! because they realize that COTN is not about reaching the homogeneous white, middle class people in america - that it's about reaching the NATIONS - the people that share a: common language (like bikers or boarders), a common need (like single moms) and a common culture (like Chinese or Philippine) - bottom line: they realize it's not about them, it's about others - thank you COTN volunteers! you guys ROCK!

i now challenge these next 5 to pass along some love to your volunteers...
  1. Jeff
  2. Todd
  3. Larry
  4. Jessi
  5. Shawna

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Jason Curlee said...

Thanks Rick for keeping it going.