sunday night's day!

mom's day is just about in the books, so many things on my mind...going to bullet point this post mostly so i can get it all out and sleep tonight!

  • i lost a post yesterday after my were my thoughts in a nutshell...Jesus asked peter, who do men say that i am? - he responded with some of the public opinion - then Jesus moved on to the crux of the matter - "who do YOU say that I am?" - ultimately, public perception is of little use compared to private realization and revelation - when peter said, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God" - he was challenged to keep it quiet because word would have spread quickly and Jesus wasn't here to establish an earthly kingdom, but a spiritual Kingdom! - wonder how many times we miss this? Jesus cares about your opinion of Him - not what others say, ultimately, when peter said, some say Elijah, etc., he was saying, the OTHERS are wrong - know what? sometimes others ARE wrong - who do you say that He is? You need to answer that for yourself - what is the realization and revelation that you have of Him?
  • on to mom's day - we kept it simple this year because we're vacationing soon and we want to make dave proud! so, muffins for mom on mom's day, cards, and lots of love and help throughout the day was on tap - think it was a great day. i have the most incredible woman that God brought into my life...i'm amazed at her beauty that begins on the inside and radiates out for all to see! patrice is an incredible person, a fantastic mom and a beautiful woman of God! sorry guys, you all missed out on the best - must be tough having to settle for second best!
  • also, have to give a shout out to my mom - she's always been a strong person and much of the determination and outlook that i have on life is due to her. she always believed in me and challenged me to greater heights - thanks mom - i love you.
  • service was quick this morning! wow! didn't seem like it, but on the way to my awesome mother-in-law's house (really, she's incredible, like a second mom - in fact, i call her momma and ALWAYS have since the first day we met!), anyway, i digress, on the way there i freaked out when i realize we were half way there and it was only 12:15 - how did that happen? good service today - we were down in attendance but we always are on mother's day.
  • spent the day with the family - fun!
  • tomorrow's a parent's vs. kids soccer scrimmage - we're going to put it on them! - then we'll all need wheelchairs to get around because we'll be so sore!
  • some awesome things happening in other churches - if you have time, read this post by perry - love what newspring is doing - some criticize 'seeker' churches (which is a phrase i despise and ticks me off) - know what? they are getting it done! i love that - check it out!
  • about the phrase 'seeker' - coming from the pentecostal flavor of the Body of Christ, it frustrates me that we seek to separate ourselves and somehow elevate ourselves above others - ticks me off! (i know i said that!) - anyway, its about the kingdom and reaching lost people - have we so focused on our speaking in tongues and sanctification as a 'second work of grace' that we've forgotten the Hope of the world is Christ - i long for the day when our pentecostal churches are like those in the book of acts where people were saved AND filled with the Holy Spirit on the same day - that's God's design - let's work on it!
  • chilling right now with watercolors on xm radio - smooooooth!
  • project go is just a few short weeks away - can't wait!
  • mega sports camp is just a few short weeks away!
  • we'll be in our new worship facility and nursery/preschool soon!
  • all these things mean we're going to be tired at the end of summer!
  • school's almost over this year - my daughter is no longer going to be a kindergartner :(
  • school's almost ovre this year - my son will be headed to 7th grade - that means he's almost half way through middle school - which means he's really close to high-school - God, please help us to raise him in these last few influential years in the way of Christ - as a radical, sold-out, committed follower of Christ - who knows Who Jesus is when asked (like Peter) - btw, Josh has a relationship with him already, just want it to be fresh and real every day
  • jefferson has a starbucks - sbux for short - is this a good thing? dave's not pleased now...had my first triple shot white chocolate mocha today - GOOD! jefferson also now has a kroger that has fresh sushi - i know God's no pleased with that - NO, i can't eat sushi and i won't try - guess i'm closed minded about that - fresh, raw veggies are a stretch for me, fish is definitely out!
  • going to go take care of laundry for my wonderful wife now - have a great night - and happy mom's day to all of you wonderful ladies that are moms - you're amazing!


Meredith said...

not all sushi is made with raw fish. they even tempura-fry some of it. seeing as Christ seemed to like fish, I think He's probably fine with sushi! :-)

Jeff Smith said...

You said, "have we so focused on our speaking in tongues and sanctification as a 'second work of grace' that we've forgotten the Hope of the world is Christ"

-- I'm not totally sure where your progression of that tought would have taken you, but I get frustrated with that as well. We (Pentecostals) get so focused on "tounges" (really our theological distinctive) that we forget that we are "Christians - Christ followers." MAYBE we should focus on the stuff Jesus focused on and the "distinctives" will follow. YES, it is important. BUT sometimes it seems like that is the ONLY important thing.

- ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox now. Don't attack me too hard on this. I'm not anti-tounges (pentecoastalism) - it is just not the only thing to focus on.

BTW - we had a nice mom's day too. I grilled out for Rhonda (she picks the lunch and I grill it). Then nap time (while watching a ballgame), then off to ColdStone Creamery for some way too expensive ice-cream. Home to put the kids to bed and then some nice couch time.

Anonymous said...

Mom's Day was awesome, because no gift could ever be as good as spending quality time with my WONDERFUL husband and terrific kids. I love my family. It is unfortunate that the rest of the women in the world have to settle for less than the best as well, because I CAUGHT HIM!!!!!!!! Thanks Rick for making it awesome!

Love ya