i love to see a play at home that's a close call and hear the ump yell SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
especially love it when it's the braves and the go-ahead run is scored...
know what?

that's the last thing we need to hear when it comes to church...perry made this comment in his post about church planters and i wanted to spring board off of it in regard to church in general (not COTN alone) - perry says, 'there's a safe place for Christians - it's called heaven' - so true!

the world in which we live is not safe! just a couple of days ago my wife and son were in a parking lot and evidently a teenager was behind the wheel of a car that should NOT have been - she put the car in gear (stick shift), the car jumped and smashed the car in front of it - THEN, she proceeded to do it AGAIN - after that she turned the car off and jumped in the back seat (where she should have started!) - it frightened my wife and especially my son - they didn't know if it was road rage or domestic violence or what - they were just scared! know what? it's not a safe place out there...there are no safe places out there.

but that's what we look for in church and in our walk with Christ - one quick glimpse into church history will reveal that the early church (think Acts 2 and first century) KNEW it wasn't safe, EXPECTED it not to be safe and EMBRACED the FACT that following Christ meant giving it all, risking everything and NOT playing it safe -

let's leave the shout..."SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!" for the ballpark!


Debbie C. said...

Excellent post. So true, we need to embrace that fact, as you said. No safety in this world. I am reminded of the verse that says, "in this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world!" No safety but definite victory!! Thanks so much for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

well I thought that your point was that we have a safety zone at church but is that comfort zone good or just our modern way of doing nothing!?!?! If that was the point then i totally agree, no matter I can truly tell you that you just think you pray for kids now wait until they start driving and you will know real prayer and fasting!!!

Rick Womack said...

the quote perry made sums it up best...the 'safe' place for followers of Christ is heaven - church, following Christ, risking it all (as Christ did...which, for example, is what He calls husbands to do for their wives) is not doubt, i'll pray harder when they drive and even more so as they approach marriage...great things we have built in that strengthen our prayer life...thanks for the commment!