quick spiddy review

went to see spiderman 3 on the imax last night - over the top in the sensory overload department - but i'd do it again in a heartbeat!

this movie is GREAT for taking your older children to and engaging them in some meaningful conversation afterward - the topics that you can touch on are: anger, sin, rebellion, forgiveness, the cross and probably several others - just don't forget to talk about the cool things such as special effects and action as well - they were all great.

one of the key scenes takes place in a church with an opening shot of the cross - history (i know spiddy's not real) revolves around this event - the Cross of Christ - interesting that hollywood is aware of that and used this as a pivot point for the movie - got to go see it.

great time hanging out with my son, went to BK beforehand to eat supper and mickey d's following for an evening snack - great when you can eat and snack for under $10 - get the baked apple pies - 2 for a buck, plus a glass of water - dave would be proud!

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