play hurt!

know what i love about pro sports and most college sports? they play hurt! and, they're not afraid when they do! they know that the team, the game, the moment depends on them making their contribution - there are the guys that play hurt and literally the team is riding on their shoulders (thinking Jordan...'97 game 5 of the finals and he turns in a 38-point performance with a ridiculous fever!) - but there are also guys that don't have the team riding on their shoulders - they are simply PART of the team - thus, the play hurt! they don't get the press, they don't get the accolade, instead, they get the point! they realize that they are just a PART of something bigger than themselves.

i just read a post by a pastor that launched a church just over a year 2 weeks they've baptized 388 people at the close of service - they didn't even have 388 people in their church last year...he get the point! he plays hurt!

i remember several months ago when one of our guitarists had his hand in a cast (strum hand, not chording hand) and he showed up and played - he played hurt! he gets the point - he's PART of something bigger than himself.

i've know volunteers that didn't need to be here because their family needed them, their kids needed them, or whatever - but they were here and they were serving because they got the point! they were PART of something bigger than themselves - and, they played hurt!

it hasn't been that long ago that i was a part of a volunteer staff...i was the worship pastor, i was driving an hour to church (one way), plus working a 40+ and coaching soccer...i know what it's's hard and it's a challenge...and, it's worth it! what i realize is that the people that are faithful and committed to the vision of COTN (or any church) get it! they get the fact that it's not about them (sure, there's some residual benefit in it...i won't deny that), but they know that they are just a PART of the team, they realize that sure life is tough and we all have the week from hell occasionally, but in the end, they've learned to play hurt! i'm thankful COTN has such a group of people - are they all like that - no - not in any church in america - doesn't matter - many have learned to play hurt and that's what they do because they are a PART of the team (please understand, in my book, they are a BIG part)!

thanks for playing hurt!


Anonymous said...

on sports teams some members don't start don't get all the press but they show up day in and day out and do there job, they are called role players and their role is defined to them and they execute. some people were born to be role players?!!?!?

Rick Womack said...

guess so if they want to be a part of the team! 'role players' seem to have little use - except that they are 1.) chosen, 2.) prepared and 3.) committed to the team - guess they have a LOT of use on a team, just like in the Body of Christ, everyone has their part and no part is more significant - they all play a 'role' - great word to use!