oh what a night

late december back 62 (or whatever year it was, it was before my time...i think)

sitting in my office, the church is quite now, the doors (most) are locked, the lights are off and i'm thinking about the last 2 1/2 hours - its all a blur for the most part. conversations to have, needs to check up on, places to be, things to do - know what? i'm tired, but that doesn't really matter right now - tonight, we impacted adults and children with the hope of Christ - we taught men how to be stronger, more Christ-like men, we challenged women to live lives that we're full of God's Word and we taught children that Christ is real, a relationship with Him is needed and that we CARE about them!

when i think about the shear number of volunteers on any given wednesday night or sunday morning - i'm blown away! we have SO MUCH to be thankful for - these guys and gals pour themselves out - most, week after week - and what they get in return seems so minimal - the fact that they'll be doing it again next week most likely - but here's the deal, it's the changed lives, the smile on the kids faces, the men that are SHOWING UP on WEDNESDAY night that normally would NEVER do that that makes it ALL worth it - there are several other bloggers that offer a 'freak of the week' and highlight a volunteer or couple - i haven't gone that route (yet) - but i am tonight - our freaks of the week are those that are dedicated and determined to make an impact on people on wednesday nights and sunday mornings - you guys ROCK! - i'm so humbled at how you arrive early, stay late, pick up one another's slack and simply care about what you're doing - THANKS!

you know, the church is the ONLY organization that exists not for the members, but for others - that's a tall order when it comes to recruiting people to serve - they have to have the passion and see the vision - our people get that! they get the fact that it's all about other people (i know, it's all about Jesus, right?) - wrong! it's about other people - Jesus came not for His own sake, but so that He could RESCUE others - the same thing we're doing - i love our volunteers and the grit they serve with - they get dealt a bad hand, they get up, they roll with the punches and they move on and minister - they care! they get the fact that it's about other people...

i had two conversations tonight that let me know that they got it - both were simply amazing - i saw the love of Christ in these volunteers and it's humbling - thanks!

now, it's really late, it's really quiet, i've unloaded these thoughts into the digital spectrum and i'm going to go get me a cookies and cream shake from chick-fil-a! good night - and God bless to all our COTN volunteers, i'll say it again - you guys ROCK!

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Anonymous said...

Amen Rick, I agree totally with your blog!!!