new tech on the scene

i'm a self-professed early adopter when it comes to technology...

well, almost, dave won't allow me to, i still don't have an ipod (although i want one, or a zune), i also want a tomtom and in a few months i'll want an iphone - except that i can't afford all of these things.

but, when it comes to FREE technology, i'm on board. so i've been messing around with some things lately in my spare time - one is fun, one is helpful - both are free! (dave would be proud)

  • joost is cool because it has soccer available. joost is free tv on the internet. there is a small download that's needed and then you can watch all sorts of tv channels - such as: the recipe channel, the comedy channel (not advised necessarily), the soccer channel, the USSoccer Channel, WB, National Geographic and a host of others - i'm still learning about it and have only spent about 30-40 minutes goofing around with it - really like the soccer channel though - real cool! you have to be invited to download it...this is the fun, free tech
  • jott is my newest productivity tool - ever been somewhere and had a thought, remembered you needed to do something, say something, etc? - well, jott gives you a toll free number to call, then it sends a message to yourself (text or email) with the note you leave - it transcribes the note and it's in your inbox within minutes - really cool - another useful tool is that you can download your contacts and have it send messages to your contacts, from your phone. since i have about a 35 minute commute to work each day and back home, it's a great device - i've preprogrammed it as a speed dial on my cell so that no matter where i am i can: call, tell it to whom to send the message, record it, then FORGET about it - the only thing is that you need to be a regular user of email or text messaging in order for it to remind you and be a helpful tool - still a lot to discover about this - think it's a great tool - it's in beta testing now and available for FREE - no invite needed like the other
check these out...let me know what you think...

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Jeff Smith said...

How about an invite to joost, buddy?