monday night download

just wanted to dump a bunch of things in my analog mind into the digital world...
  • first, serious props to our youth who did their thing on sunday morning - 100% Revolution was incredible - so great to see the older generation rocking their heads to the beatles ..."so you say you want a revolution" then segue into kirk franklin's revolution (woop, woop) - pastor anthony did a great job of preparing the youth, leading them, having them step up to the plate - hard to pick out a favorite - it was ALL so good - very powerful, like the fact that they totally changed the order of service, our youth are incredible!
  • our new facilities are really taking shape - so cool to see what was once a parking lot become a sanctuary - in just a couple of months, that'll be home and in 6 months or so it'll seem so 'old' and normal to us - hope the gospel never gets that way...
  • so thankful my daughter's allergy tests came back negative - mucho thanks to our Father.
  • also, so proud of her for maxing out on all the AR points that she could this year - this week she'll: have lunch with the principle (which is a good thing to an elementary student, not in middle school though); eat popcorn and watch a movie at 8:45am; eat a banana split out of a gutter - what can i say, i'm a proud dad!
  • still watching 24, but i've basically mailed it in for this year - i think the end of this year's going to be a set up for next year - interesting article here
  • looking forward to uga beating this wednesday night - should be about 80 or so cotn people there - fun!
  • hoping to get an invite to joost - check it out...if you've got any invites, let me know - thanks.
  • josh had a vision at church yesterday - i think that it's really cool that this passage is being fulfilled - let me say this...when God gives His Holy Spirit, it's the full meal deal - regardless of age, there's no 'junior version' of the Holy Spirit


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you know it, but you are THE MOST AWESOME DAD in the world! I'm proud to be your wife and the mother of your children!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Eating banana split out of a gutter?? I want to hear more about that. I think it's awesome that Josh is hearing from the Lord, he is a great kid!! Haven't heard about JOOST, what in the world?? Have an awesome day!!
Debbie Crawford