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going through my blogs this morning that i read through daily and two of them are almost identical in purpose...

first, todd - who leads our first impressions ministry here at cotn - writes about 'getting it right' and what does 'right' look like. todd brings a bunch of management and retail experience together with a bunch of ministry experience (he's been a youth pastor and associate pastor). if you're involved in church ministry, business, management, customer service or just dealing with people that 'consume' then you should check out his post. let me just say that when i know todd is in charge of something, i know it gets done with excellence. todd and i had the opportunity last year to train about 70 pastors and lay leaders from A/G churches all over georgia and let me just say he's passionate about the experience and the excellence it takes.

next, gary writes about his recent trip down to disney and the excellence which they 'bring it' with. i've always said i much rather go to disney than 6flags here in the ATL - the attitude, the atmosphere, the excellence - everything - is so way over the top comparatively speaking. anyway, i'm headed down that way in a few weeks and i'll keep this post in mind as i experience the magic of the magic kingdom once again (having grown up in florida, this will probably be my 15th or 20th time going).

here's a closing thought...our biggest competition on sunday morning is not another church or a braves game - its the comfortable pillow someone is sleeping on - as well, the other biggest competitor could quite possibly be ourselves - by that i mean, are we doing everything we can to make going to church something people want to do? thoughts...

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