i mentioned a few days ago the new, FREE, tech that i've been messing with...let me give an update...first, joost is ok - it's basically internet tv and i still haven't had a lot of time to devote to it, but i want to - just so much going on - the little i've watched has been soccer and it's cool

second, jott rocks! i love this! have it set as a speed dial on my cell, when i think of something important, i call it, record the message and it appears in my inbox (email) - how cool...some practical uses: sermon thoughts, illustrations, stupid church signs (i can't stand church signs that have a marquee with ridiculous sayings on, sign broken, message inside...ok, let's just lie!...sorry for the rant there), back to uses: song ideas, songs heard, people to call or email, project ideas, etc, etc, etc - if you need something to be able to organize your thoughts or a way to download info as you think of it, check out jott - really great tool!

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Anonymous said...

Stupid church sign update: "sign fixed, still come inside for message"... I saw this one last week!